LIVE | Trump wants to make experimental corona drug ‘freely available to everyone’ | Inland

US President Donald Trump states that all his fellow countrymen will have access to the coronavirus treatment he recently received. Trump became infected last week and received experimental treatment with synthetic antibodies from the firm Regeneron.

In a Twitter video shot for the Oval Office in Washington, the president says he will soon be signing an order requiring emergency authorization for the drug. “I want everyone to get what I got, and I’m going to make it free,” said Trump, who returned to the White House Tuesday after a stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

According to the president, “hundreds of thousands of doses” of the drug he received are ready for use. The Republican was injected with a single dose of antibody cocktail from Regeneron. Trump stated that he felt “great” within 24 hours of being administered.

However, it is unclear whether and how the approval process for such new drugs can be accelerated. The treatment is still under clinical trial and has not yet received any regulatory approval. But the results are encouraging.

Trump called it a “blessing from God” that he was infected. “This was a blessing in disguise,” Trump said. “I got it and I heard about the drug. I said let me take it, it was my suggestion. It was incredible how it worked. ”

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View the live blog here Wednesday 7 October.

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