LIVE Trump is going to shorten corona briefings: “Not worth my time” | Abroad

US President Donald Trump is going to shorten his daily briefings on the corona crisis and probably do less. That decision comes a day after loads of criticism came from Trump about his suggestion to inject disinfectant to help fight the virus. There was no briefing on Saturday for the first time in two months.

“What is the purpose of holding White House press conferences when the lame mainstream media asks nothing but hostile questions, and then refuses to accurately report the truth or facts. These briefings are not worth my time, ”Trump tweeted on Saturday.

Experts and substance manufacturers warned after that press conference that injecting disinfectant is life-threatening. After his statements about the disinfectant on Thursday, Trump said a day later that he had meant it sarcastically.

In addition to substantive objections about the briefings, there was also much criticism of the length of the meetings, which sometimes lasted up to two hours. A number of well-known American media have now stopped broadcasting the information meetings directly.

The main points:


  • Angry Germans demonstrate: “Give us ours freedom back!’
  • The Chinese only see corona as one bump
  • Daily death toll in the US from coronavirus rises again
  • French parliament will vote on relaxations on Tuesday
  • Spanish Prime Minister promises more easing
  • Number kill worldwide rises above 200,000




Read the live blog here Saturday, April 25.

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