Live ticker: OFC at FC 08 Homburg – Kickers Offenbach start into the second half of the season

Kickers Offenbach is visiting Homburg.

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On the 20th matchday, Kickers Offenbach will meet FC 08 Homburg at the start of the second half of the season. Kick-off is at 2 p.m., we’ll be there for you live!

20th matchday FC 08 Homburg – Kickers Offenbach 0: 1 (- 🙂
Tore 0:1 Sea (2nd)
cards Yellow: Scholz, Mendler / –

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44. Minute: Again the FC. Mendler from a distance. Flauder exchanges and steers the ball to a corner. Well done – by both. Homburg now has more opportunities, but the OFC is leading.

43. Minute: The next chance for the FCH. The overhead kick in distress lands next to the goal. On the other side, Garcia tries a mix of flank and flank. Too far.

42. Minute: After a free kick it becomes dangerous. The ball comes to Ristl by chance, who withdraws immediately. Flauder dives in at lightning speed and has the ball.

41. Minute: Now Deniz is complaining about a free kick whistle. “What?” He calls in the direction of the referee

39. Minute: Plump foul by Plattenhardt, who runs over Marcos. Deniz circles the free kick on the far post, but so high that no one can get there.

38. Minute: Garcia with a bad passport. But Homburg cannot capitalize on it. Di Gregorio is back now.

37. Minute: It goes on – for the time being without Di Gregorio, who is treated outside.

36. Minute: Injury interruption. Homburg’s Di Gregorio is on the ground. Both coaches use this to give instructions to their players.

34. Minute: Homburg continues to aggressively pursue it again and again. But the Kickers defense is safe so far. And if it doesn’t, the OFC is in luck – as with Dulleck’s chance.

33. Minute: Free kick Homburg from the right. The kickers clear up. The ball comes back up again. But Marcos is there and shields the ball so that Flauder can grab it.

29.Minute: Yellow card for Homburg: Mendler is cautioned after the scene described

29. Minute: Now some of them don’t have their nerves under control. After a risky but clean tackle by the Kickers, the Homburgers demand a free kick, but the game continues – until Mendler gets in hard. This time the whistle sounds and almost all of the Homburgers run towards referee Michel – including the Homburger who had doubled over on the floor seconds earlier.

27.Minute: Yellow card for Homburg: Scholz is cautioned after a foul.

24. Minute: Homburg almost had success again with the pressing. The ball lands at Deniz, who opens the game with a pass to the right side. Firat’s flank then sails high and far over the five. Huseinbasic pursues a lot and brings out a throw-in.

23. Minute: Cousin with good physical activity. But after his header Firat cannot control the ball.

22. Minute: The Kickers are currently losing the ball too often and too quickly. Homburg can switch again. Dulleck tries it himself. Well over it. A flank would certainly have made more sense here. It doesn’t matter to the kickers.

20. Minute: Good attack by the FCH on the left side. From there the ball is passed into the back of the defense. Dullek can accept the ball and withdraws from ten meters. The ball rushes over the goal. Lucky for the OFC.

18. Minute: Misunderstanding between Garcia and Fetsch. Homburg switches, but the OFC defense is paying attention. Then Fetsch messed up the ball on the right at the level of the center line.

16. Minute: Almost 2-0 for the OFC. Firat takes a free kick. Actually too flat and harmless, but a Homburg involuntarily extended to Bozic. After his header Knichel steers the ball over the crossbar. The corner is cleared.

15. Minute: Now Deniz wants to send Marcos on the trip with a long passport. But too far. Throw-in. A Mendler flank is deflected on the opposite side, so that the ball lands directly in Flauder’s arms.

13. Minute: It’s been a brisk game so far. Both teams are looking for the way forward – just like the FCH. Breitenbach clarifies, however. After that, he makes a bad pass when trying to make the game fast.

12. Minute: The kickers switch quickly and well. Firat has a half right place and tries from a distance. Over it.

10. Minute: Homburg now over the left side. But the Kickers cleared and countered – via Bozic. Throw-in at the height of the Homburg penalty area. But then the flag goes up.

8. Minute: Now Homburg twice dangerous. First Dulleck heads past, and Flauder would have been there. Then the guests switch quickly after a free kick whistle. Mendler finishes in 16. The shot is blocked, so Flauder has no problems.

6. Minute: Good shift from Fetsch but then the kickers get stuck on the right.

5. Minute: Discussions after a throw-in decision near the Offenbach corner flag. The linesman cannot be changed by the Homburger Bank.

2nd minute: TOOOOOOOR – what was that? Deniz withdraws from the center circle and surprises Homburg’s number three. Crazy but good – 0: 1. The perfect start for the OFC.

2. Minute: First conclusion of the guests – from a distance. Past.

1. Minute: The ball is rolling …

+++ 2:03 p.m .: Now the kickers are coming too – in red and white outfits.

+++ 13.59 p.m .: The teams come onto the pitch. Homburg for a classic green and white outfit, the OFC can therefore play away in their red home jerseys. At least red pants and red socks could be seen when warming up.

+++ 1:50 p.m .: At FC Homburg there are two ex-Offenbachers in the squad: Stefano Maier sits on the bench after a recovered injury, Serkan Göcer begins. Assistant coach Joti Stamatopoulos also has an OFC past. And Daniel Di Gregorio was born in Offenbach.

+++ 1:42 p.m .: Helene Fischer is currently playing in the stadium: “Breathless”. Unlike once at the DFB Cup final, there are no whistles. So relaxed atmosphere in the Waldstadion, which is surrounded by trees according to the name. And just like on the Bieberer Berg, Bundesliga soccer was once played here – including condom advertising. At the time, it caused a scandal. Today we advertise everything that is not on the tree with three. It only becomes controversial with partners from Qatar.

+++ 1.40 p.m .: By the way, the place is free of snow. According to gas station employees, the cars here on Friday sometimes looked as if they had come from Siberia. But nothing of the white splendor remained.

+++ 1.35 p.m .: The cartridge of the printer at the FCH office would have to be replaced. In any case, the OFC will compete unchanged compared to the last league game. Sitting on the bench: judge; Andacic, Hermes, Ramaj, Tuma, Zengin, Bojaj, Moreno and, surprisingly, Okungbowa, about whom coach Sreto Ristic had actually said that the game would come too early for him after his muscle injury. So he’s only there in case of an emergency.

+++ 1.33 p.m .: After FSV Mainz 05 II lost 3: 4 at VfR Aalen yesterday and SSV Ulm 1846 only scored 0: 0 at FSV Frankfurt, the OFC has the opportunity to take the lead in the standings today. However, FC Homburg has been unbeaten for six games and has recently won 2-1 against SV Elversberg, who had previously been undefeated for 15 games. On the other hand: The hosts have personnel problems, including the third goalkeeper and without a substitute goalkeeper.

+++ 1.30 p.m .: Welcome to the live ticker of the Offenbach-Post media group. Today we report from the OFC game at FC Homburg.

Offenbach – In the Regionalliga Südwest, the second half of the season begins with the 20th matchday. On Sunday (November 28th, 2021) the OFC will be on the pitch for the away game at 2 p.m. in the Waldstadion at FC 08 Homburg. The Kickers won eight of the last nine first round matches. Most recently they prevailed 2-0 in the neighborhood duel at FSV Frankfurt. Now the team of head coach Sreto Ristic is hoping for another victory.

With 38 points, the OFC occupy third place in the table and are seven points ahead of the sixth from Homburg. Last Saturday (November 20th, 2021) the Saarlanders, who were supervised by Timo Wenzel, were able to win a 2-1 home win in the derby against SV Elversberg. Both OFC and FC 08 Homburg are in good shape. Both teams will not give each other anything for free.

Kickers Offenbach versus FC Homburg: Sreto Ristic warns of “really strong team”

Due to the increasing number of corona cases, new regulations have also been adopted in Saarland. The 3G regulation applies to all standing and grandstands in the outdoor area of ​​the Waldstadion. If you want to watch the game against FC 08 Homburg from the public interior, you even need 2G proof.

On the first day of the match, the OFC was able to prevail 1-0 against FC Homburg. Dejan Bozic scored the golden goal for the Kickers in front of 4,501 spectators on the Bieberer Berg. But OFC head coach Ristic warns of the Saarlanders: “FC Homburg has a really strong team that is unbeaten six times in a row and has now also defeated Elversberg in the derby.”

For defensive man and clearer Osarenren Okungbowa, the game on Sunday will probably come too early due to his injury. Christian Stark is also receiving medical treatment for groin problems. “But we hope that apart from the long-term injuries everyone will be on board,” said head coach Ristic.

Kickers Offenbach: OFC has to stay focused

The record of the last OFC games looks good. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t lose focus, warns OFC offensive player Florent Bojaj: “Even if things are going very well for us at the moment, it remains to be said that we haven’t achieved anything yet. It is always important to have the focus on the next task and that is now FC Homburg. “

After a first difficult Corona season, Bojaj is looking forward to celebrating the next victory with the fans in the stadium. “I really enjoy being here in Offenbach and after the first difficult year of Corona it has now become even better together with the fans,” said Bojaj. (aa, cd)


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