Live-Ticker FC Barcelona 3:0 Juventus Turin

FC Barcelona – Juventus Turin im Live-Ticker:

+++ 90. + 2 Minute +++ The final whistle at the Estadi Johan Cruyff! FC Barcelona wins the Trofeo Joan Gamper against Juventus Turin 2-0. The goals were scored by Memphis Depay (3rd), Martin Braithwaite (57th) and Riqui Puig (90th + 2).

+++ 90. + 2 Minute +++ GOOOL !!! Puig makes everything clear – and how! Get the ball on the edge of the penalty area, turn it and turn it with a left-footed shot! 3: 0!

+++ 86. Minute +++ Griezmann’s workday is over, he’s making way for Alex Collado.

+++ 82. Minute +++ Now a Barça player sees yellow for a foul – Emerson. Quite a few cards for a test match.

+++ 79. Minute +++ It almost rings! Memphis comes to the playground a second time in the penalty area, he closes from around seven meters with his left foot. However, his attempt is placed too centrally so that he is repelled. The Dutchman had previously complained about a handball by Danilo in the penalty area – and rightly so!

+++ 78. Minute +++ It’s the end of the day for Braithwaite, the 2-0 shooter is replaced by Rey Manaj.

+++ 75. Minute +++ A quarter of an hour until the game should end on time. Barcelona can hardly miss anything, the victory should be certain, even if Juventus is still trying hard. However, the Italians are extremely seldom a threat.

+++ 71. Minute +++ Next changes at Blaugrana: Riqui Puig for Roberto, Alex Balde for Alba.

+++ 68. Minute +++ Half-right position, only 17 meters away: Optimal free-kick position for a left-footed player like Griezmann. But he puts the ball in the wall.

+++ 66. Minute +++ With the second goal, Barcelona set the tone again. The ball is again much in the ranks of the hosts. Will we also see a third goal here?

+++ 61., 62. Minute +++ Koeman makes his first changes: Umtiti, Emerson and Nico replace Dest, Araujo and Demir. At Juve, Rugani, Bernardeschi and Morata give way to Chiellini, Bonucci and Marqués.

+++ 57. Minute +++ Barça offensive not so galling? Puff cake! GOOOOOL !!! After an Eke from the right side, Braithwaite storms in the middle, breaks away from the opponent and makes it 2-0 with a header!

+++ 57. Minute +++ Around a quarter of an hour in the second round. After the break, it’s been a more balanced game so far. Barça not so gallant offensively.

+++ 56. Minute +++ Demir is put in midfield by McKennie in the pace. Yellow card.

+++ 51. Minute +++ Neto confirms his good shape. Chiesta with a shot from distance, the keeper parries for a corner.

+++ 47. Minute +++ Ronaldo is no longer playing at Juve, Bentancur and Ramsey are also out. New to the game: Kulusevski, Chiesa and McKennie.

+++ 46th minute +++ Let’s go on! Barcelona continues unchanged in terms of personnel.

+++ 45th + 1 minute +++ And then it’s halftime! FC Barcelona deservedly lead 1-0 and should have been awarded another goal. In the last third, Juventus improved and came to a few degrees.

+++ 45th + 1 minute +++ Ronaldo with a central free kick that also hits the goal. Neto fends off.

+++ 43. Minute +++ Dangerous! Morata is well served on Juve’s left side, the attacker does not hesitate and closes directly in the penalty area. But you can rely on Neto once more!

+++ 38. Minute +++ On the other side, Neto is checked twice within a short time: First from the half-right position by De Ligt, then Morata tries it from the half-left position.

+++ 37. Minute +++ Another goal that is not given. First Braithwaite fails at Szczesny, then Griezmann transforms. The head judge says Braithwaite was sidelined. Not correct! Curious: the linesman doesn’t raise his flag at all. Despite that, the 2-0 doesn’t count.

+++ 35. Minute +++ A boarding of the somewhat harder kind of Braithwaite against Alex Sandro. Yellow card!

+++ 32. Minute +++ Not bad! De Sciglio tries it from an ambush and is almost successful. His dry shot just missed Neto’s goal. A murmur goes through the round.

+++ 29. Minute +++ Almost 2: 0! With a bit of luck, the round leather will get to Demir again, who is holding onto it in the penalty area from a half-left position. Szczesny parries his foot.

+++ 26. Minute +++ 67 percent possession so far for the decisive Catalans.

+++ 22. Minute +++ Alba runs down the line, is served by Memphis at the right time. The cross from the left-back does not land at Griezmann, at the level of the second post a Turinese is in between.

+++ 20. Minute +++ Demir dusts off, but the goal doesn’t count. Griezmann was offside before his shot at a pass from Memphis. Right decision.

+++ 19. Minute +++ Demir takes a free kick centrally from around 25 meters. Good position! Griezmann aims over it.

+++ 15. Minute +++ Hardly spoken to and already Juve is changing something about it! CR7 checks Neto from a half-right position, the goalkeeper is there.

+++ 14. Minute +++ There is actually nothing to be seen of the Turiners, even with Ronaldo in the ranks. Koeman’s team makes the game.

+++ 10. Minute +++ The fans in the stands pay homage to Messi with appropriate chants.

+++ 9. Minute +++ Memphis free kick from the left. Numerous players are waiting in the middle, but the Dutchman tries directly. Attempt unsuccessful, the round leather goes over the gate.

+++ 7. Minute +++ Dest pulls in from the right side, then pulls with his left foot. His shot misses the near post. The Blaugrana is taking control more and more.

+++ 5. Minute +++ Barcelona could hardly have started better. The goal visibly gives the Catalans a boost. By the way, the template giver plays in the half-left midfield. Means: The Koeman-Elf competes in a 4-3-3.

+++ 3. Minute +++ GOOOOOL !!! The game has barely started and the net is already wriggling! Demir serves Memphis, the newcomer outwits Szczesny with a left-footed shot. 1: 0!

+++ 9:32 p.m. +++ kick-off! The game is on.

+++ 9:25 p.m. +++ It’s about to start. The teams have already gathered in the stadium tunnel and will be out soon.

+++ 9:20 p.m. +++ So tritt Juve an: Szczesny – De Sciglio, De Ligt, Rugani, Alex Sandro – Cuadrado, Ramsey, Betancur, Bernardeschi – Morata, Ronaldo.

+++ 8:47 p.m. +++ How else could it be? Many of the 3,000 fans keep singing “Messi, Messi” chants.

+++ 20:37 pm +++ The Trofeo Joan Gamper is traditionalBarça’s official season opening ceremony. That’s why there is already a program in the stadium. The players of the men’s and women’s teams are alternately called up individually on the field. This part is still broadcast live and free of charge in the stream by the club.

+++ 8:34 p.m. +++ line-up of FC Barcelona: Neto – Dest, Araújo, Piqué, Alba – Roberto, Busquets – Demir, Griezmann, Memphis – Braithwaite.

+++ 8:33 p.m. +++ The Gamper game is not going to take place at Camp Nou this year – although spectators are allowed, only 3,000 of them due to the coronavirus situation in Catalonia. Barça and Juve are therefore in the small Estadi Opposite to Johan Cruyff.

+++ 8:30 p.m. +++ Welcome to the live ticker! A new era begins at FC Barcelona: The duel with Juventus Turin as part of the Trofeo Joan Gamper is game one after the tearful departure of Lionel Messi. The Argentine officially said goodbye to the Catalans at noon today, crying bitterly. This means that the world stars Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will not meet. Kick-off is at 9:30 p.m.



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