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  • There are survivors in the bombed-out Mariupol Theater
  • Chernihiv on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe
  • Two more residential buildings have been destroyed in Kiev
  • Zelensky addresses the German Bundestag

In a speech to the German Bundestag, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked for the help, but said the support “came too late to prevent war”.

“Why is this situation ‘never again’? What is Germany’s historical responsibility to Ukraine today?” Zelensky asked. He also criticized German leaders for the country’s business interests in Russia.

“Peace is more important than income,” Zelensky said, calling for tougher sanctions on Russia.

At the beginning of the twenty-second day since Russia’s repeated invasion of Ukraine, the situation has not changed significantly, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army reported on Thursday.

As of 6:00 p.m., the Ukrainian army continues to deliver devastating blows to enemy factions trying to maintain their positions.

The Russians, unable to succeed in ground operations, continue to fire rockets and air strikes at infrastructure and densely populated urban areas of Ukraine.

Russian troops continue to suffer losses and have great difficulty in assembling both combat units and supply units.

Russian soldiers are demoralized, leading to an increase in the number of deserters. Refusals to obey orders and engage in hostilities against Ukraine are on the rise.

During the day, the Ukrainian army destroyed the command and supply units of the 35th Russian Army. The losses suffered by the opponent are still being clarified.

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In the last day, Ukrainian anti-aircraft guns have shot down ten invading aircraft – two bombers SU-34, three SU-30 fighters, three helicopters and one unmanned aerial vehicle. The type of another crashed aircraft is specified.

The Ukrainian Air Force continues to take active steps to deprive Russian aviation of its dominant position in the air.

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Photo: Sumy city in Ukraine after the March 8 bombing

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Photo: Refugees cross the ruined Irpin Bridge in the north of Kiev

Photo: Destroyed school in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr

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