Live Streaming Link Opening of MPLS Virtual SD and SMP Bandung, Here is the Schedule of Activities


TRIBUNJABAR.ID – Starting July 13, 2020, learning activities are entering a new school year.

The new school year usually begins with MPLS or the introduction of the school environment.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, MPLS done face to face.

Students flocked by parents to school.

However, it is different this year. MPLS done virtually.

Opening MPLS for kindergarten, early childhood, elementary, and Middle School Bandung via live streaming at the following link.

Opening MPLS Bandung

Guardian Bandung Oded Muhammad Danial will open MPLS.

The MPLS schedule opens at 08.45 WIB.

Enthusiasm of new students paid attention to the explanation from the Regol Police Headquarters, the Traffic Police Regol Police AKP Dody K. (special)

New School Year in Bandung

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