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The number of corona infections detected in Germany in the last 24 hours has skyrocketed to a new record value, which is above 10,000 for the first time. In the last 24 hours, no fewer than 11,287 cases have been added, reports the Robert Koch Institute, the German equivalent of the RIVM.

The more than 11,000 cases are a sharp increase from the approximately 7,600 new cases reported Wednesday. On Tuesday, 6,868 cases were added. Last week there was already three times in a row a record number of new infections, ranging from around 6,600 to about 7,800 infections per day.

In total, the lung virus has now been diagnosed in 392,049 people in Germany. 9,905 of them have died so far. In the past 24 hours, 30 deaths have been recorded as a result of Covid-19.

Although the number of infections in Germany was relatively low for the time being, there has been a rapid increase since it has become colder. The German authorities have warned that stricter measures are needed if the trend continues. On Wednesday it was announced that Minister of Health Jens Spahn has also tested positive for the corona virus.

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