LIVE – Pension reform: in a gallery, En Marche deputies believe that “the pivotal age would be socially unjust”


always in The JDD, but a few pages further: Philippe Martinez shoots, with red balls on the executive, accused of organizing “the brothel” and playing “the rotting” of the conflict, already longer than that of 1995. “Emmanuel Macron wants to be the man of the new world, but he imitates Margaret Thatcher “, pings the secretary general of the CGT.

“There is real anger. Of course, 24 days without being paid is hard. But this conflict is the reflection of two and a half years of suffering,” he argues, rejecting a plan to reform pensions. individualist “when it should be” united “.

According to him, “with the strike, we always get something. Look, for the past two weeks, we have been learning every day that this or that special regime will ultimately be maintained”.

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