LIVE – Over 160,000 cases of Covid-19 daily worldwide for the past week, according to WHO


China, conditionally included in the list of countries authorized to return travelers to the EU in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, promised on Wednesday to restore the entry of European nationals, but without committing to a dated.

The People’s Republic is on the list of 15 countries, published Tuesday by Brussels, whose citizens will be able to enter the European Union, but only on condition that it admits non-essential visitors from the EU to its soil – this which is currently not the case.

When questioned on Beijing’s intentions, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, contented himself with a vague response.

“As long as we can guarantee security against the epidemic, China will gradually restore the exchanges of people between China and the EU in good order and by safe means,” he told reporters.


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