LIVE | Mouth masks and face masks back to order | Inland

On Monday evening, the 25 mayors who chair a safety region will talk about mouth masks for people with contact professions and about plastic face protectors for serving staff in the catering industry.

That is what Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council and mayor of Nijmegen, said. Bruls expects that the measures will at least be implemented in a number of security regions where the development of the corona virus is worrying. It is also possible that they will apply nationally.

According to Bruls, it is almost impossible to prevent serving staff in the catering industry from getting too close to customers. When serving, he thinks it is impossible to stay 1.5 meters away. Wearing a plastic face shield looks a bit friendlier than a mouth and nose mask, he thinks.

The mayors will also talk about extending the registration requirement. The plan is for everyone to leave their name and telephone number everywhere in public, public spaces, so that the GGD can more easily conduct source and contact research in the event of contamination. Now it is often difficult to find everyone involved. In Nijmegen, the new measure will already start on Monday morning at the town hall.

Ministers involved will join the Security Council. It is also discussed whether the Netherlands is not too small for regional measures. Some mayors think it is better to tighten the reins nationally, even if regions where things are still going well are hit. The directors meet on Monday evening in Utrecht.

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