LIVE: Grand Prix of Wallonia erupts, 2 times Citadel of Namur | GP de Wallonie 2021

On a redesigned course, the Grand Prix of Wallonia is looking for a successor to the Let Krists Neilands. The crowd pullers are Van Avermaet, Wellens, Benoot, Hermans, Campenaerts and Barguil. Follow the action closely here with updates.

  1. 15 hours 57. Childhood friends Louis Vervaeke and Tim Wellens are now all the way in the front. World Cup-goer Victor Campenaerts is also aboard a 1st group. .
  2. 15h55. Politt again. Five of them tear themselves away from the peloton. The instigator of that flight is Nils Politt. Lotto-Soudal and Alpecin-Fenix ​​also have a pawn with them. Another 60 km. .
  3. 15 hours 54. Nervousness trumps in the peloton. Because the early flight has been caught so quickly, shadow favorites are already taking their chance. .
  4. 15 hours 52. Van Wilder and Campenaerts are alert. Everyone has been charged again. The signal for Ilan Van Wilder and Victor Campenaerts to throw the bat into the henhouse. .
  5. 15 hours 49. Schelling will be joined by the Austrian Michael Gogl (Qhubeka-NextHash) and our compatriot Maxim Van Gils (Lotto-Soudal). .
  6. 15 hours 47. Attack Schelling. On an ascending strip, Ide Schelling (Bora-Hansgrohe) chooses the harepath. The Dutchman wore the polka dot jersey for a few days in the past Tour. .
  7. 3 p.m. 46. Regrouping. Reynders and Rex give in anyway. We go to the pre-final with a thinned out peloton. .
  8. 3 p.m. 46. Remaining slopes. Tienne aux Pierres 64 km Citadel of Namur 44 km Tienne aux Pierres 24 km Citadel of Namur arrival .
  9. 3 p.m. 42. 2 Belgians. Reynders is now running fast with Rex. The 2 Belgians are the only ones still ahead of the pack. 70 kilometers to go! .
  10. 15h40. Now Rex is shaking the tree in the leading group. He goes to the bottom of his strength to stay out of the pack’s hands. .
  11. 15h 37. End of story for escapees. Rex, Reynders and Warbasse shake hands. They seem to bury the hatchet, but then squeeze out another gear. .
  12. 3 pm 31. Everything on a handkerchief. The song of the leading group is almost finished. Riccitello has already let himself be swallowed by the peloton. Reynders, Rex and Warbasse struggle 15 seconds ahead of the pack. .
  13. 3:30 pm. With a smile from ear to ear, Jelle Vanendert (36) says goodbye to the peloton. After this race he will also say goodbye as a professional cyclist. .
  14. Politt joins the debates. The Côte de Warnant is a launching pad for riders with an entrepreneurial spirit. Tall Nils Politt reacts to a failure of an Arkéa rider. Others follow the German’s lead. . 3 p.m. 27.
  15. 15 hours 24. In the left flank of the peloton, Alpecin-Fenix ​​approaches with a small train. Today they are laying their beans on Meurisse, Vermeersch, Vervaeke and Bayer. .
  16. 15 hours 22. Wellens is still with us. Tosh Van der Sande and Tm Wellens survived. They are still in the front rows of the pack. Meanwhile, the margin of front runners Reynders, Rex, Riccitello and Warbasse has shrunk to 45 seconds. .
  17. 15 hours 20. It was in a bend that half the Lotto team went down. Moniquet has climbed back on his bike, Cras looks more serious. .
  18. Fall of Lotto-Soudal. In the mouth of the peloton, 4 riders of Lotto-Soudal crash. Steff Cras and “régional de l’étape” Sylvain Moniquet seem the most battered. What bad luck for the Lotto formation. . 15 hours 18.
  19. 3 pm 17. Bumblebees in the leading group. Reynders feels the storm is gradually lingering in the leading group and sneaks away on stocking feet. Rex babbles something in his ear, he zips up the hole again. .


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