LIVE DZEKO-MILIK – Juventus is betting everything on Dzeko. Reunion between Milik and his agent: the future of the Pole at stake

These are hot days between Rome, Naples and Turin for Dzeko-Milik business. The Bosnian could go to Juventus but only if the Giallorossi find an agreement with the Campania region for Milik, who in turn would like to wear the black and white shirt. will update you on the latest news.

20:20 – Second Matteo De Santis of The print, a meeting is underway between Milik and his agent, with the Polish’s father connected by telephone, to establish the future of the current Napoli striker.

14:48 – The market expert Nicolò Schira reports a tweet with updates on the situation Belong: “In the afternoon, a summit between the Roma management and Arek Milik’s agent (David Pantak) is headed for the white smoke. A purchase that will consequently unlock Edin Dzeko’s move to Juventus”.

14:30 – Belong he trained alone in the gym during the morning and left Castel Volturno around 12:30. The agent of the Polish striker is ready to go to Rome but only if the player gives the final consent to the transfer to Rome. He brings it back Sky Sport.

13:20 – These are the words of the Barcelona DS, Ramon Planes, on Suarez: “Luis is an important player for Barcelona, ​​he has been in recent years. We have to show respect for the players who have given so much to Barcelona. After what happened at the end of the season we have started a replacement process that we are working on. The market closes on October 5th and many things can happen up to that point. “

11:50 – Plan B of Juventus, in case of non-arrival of Dzeko is the 33-year-old of Chelsea, Giroud. The Frenchman is free with 5 million euros.

9:25Dzeko at Juventus he would receive 7.5 million net (as at Roma) plus bonuses for a two-year contract.

8:31 – Rome and Naples have reached an agreement for an onerous loan of 3 million with a redemption of 15 million (including Devid Bouah’s card) and 7 million in bonuses.

8:27 – If Milik accepts Roma, he will receive 4.5 million a year plus 500,000 euros of bonus plus an additional prize in case of winning the Golden Boot. A four-year is ready for him, as reported by The Gazzetta dello Sport.

8:14 – La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that when Sarri was Juventus coach Milik had become the main target to reinforce the attack. Now the Pole – according to some sources – would still hope in the call of Juventus but according to the rosy he simply asked for a pause for reflection to decide his future.

8:05The Gazzetta dello Sport states that the Juventus now you bet it all on Edin Dzeko. Luis Suarez tomorrow he will take the Italian B1 exam but the risk is that the bureaucratic times are too long to complete the procedure in time for registration in the Champions list. Furthermore, there is still no agreement between the gunman and the Barcelona, with the Uruguayan who would like to pay the last year of his contract to leave.

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