LIVE: Antwerp take the lead against Beveren with one man down just before half-time | Croky Cup 2022/2023

Antwerp will cross the Scheldt tonight for the cup match with SK Beveren of old acquaintances Wim De Decker and Dieumerci Mbokani. Is there a Beverse stunt or does Antwerp qualify for the 1/8 finals of the Croky Cup? You can follow it closely here from 8pm.

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  1. first half, minute 43. Stengs gives Antwerp the lead. Antwerp strikes just before half-time! Stengs makes his way into the box and pushes the ball past Reus into the goal in two halves. A cold shower for Beveren! .
  2. first half, minute 40. Another corner for Antwerp, but not even the guests succeed. Except for Scott’s first chance, Antwerp hasn’t achieved anything yet. .
  3. Scott can’t go any further. first half, minute 38.
  4. Exit Scott. He is not going well for Antwerp. After the early red card for Janssen, Scott is now injured. He is replaced by Balikwisha. . first half, minute 38.
  5. first half, minute 34. Ismaheel aims wide. Beveren is gradually becoming a little more dangerous. After Mbokani, it is now Ismaheel who can seize the opportunity in sixteen years. But he decides even later. .
  6. first half, minute 30. Bataille lets go. Excellent opportunity for Antwerp. Vermeeren sends a long pass to Bataille. He has time and space in the box, but his shot is too weak and he is blocked for a corner. .
  7. first half, minute 28. Mbokani comes to play. Beveren is now climbing dangerously. Mbokani launches into the area, but fails to frame the shot. .
  8. first half, minute 23. Ismaheel also takes a card. Rif De Cremer is immediately engaged in this first half. Ismaheel is the next home team player to receive a yellow card. For the moment, Beveren fails to enforce opportunities. .
  9. first half, minute 20. Yellow for Ribeiro. Antwerp does not suffer for the moment from the numerical minority and is trying to keep control. Ribeiro commits a foul on Scott and this gets him a yellow card. .
  10. first half, minute 12. Scott makes Beveren shake for a moment. Despite the man less, Antwerp is really close to the first goal. Scott throws himself into the box, but fails to get the ball between the posts. .
  11. Janssen laughs cynically at his red card. first half, minute 7.
  12. first half, minute 7. Red for Janssen! The dolls start dancing after a fight between Vukotic and Janssen. It seemed like not much was happening, but Wesli De Cremer went red for Janssen over the bewilderment of the Antwerp bank. Vukotic gets rid of it with yellow. Antwerp very soon, so with one less man. .
  13. first half, minute 1. Antwerp takes the initiative and immediately forces two corners, but does not risk the goal. .
  14. first half, 1 minute game started
  15. first half, 20:00 02. Kick off. They started in Freethiel! Will Antwerp advance to the 1/8 cup final or will SK Beveren make a surprise? .
  16. early, 19:00 53. Toppers on Sundays. Both Antwerp and SK Beveren are already waiting for a new important appointment in the competition on Sunday. Beveren therefore plays the most important match against Lierse in the Challenger Pro League, while Antwerp must visit Club Brugge in 1A. .
  17. ahead, 19:50 Fit team versus out of shape team. SK Beveren start the cup game against Antwerp with confidence. The team leads the pack in the Challenger Pro League after 12 days, having won 5 of their last 6 games. Antwerp, on the other hand, is on a downward spiral. After a strong start to the race with 9 wins in a row, there has been sand in the engine for several weeks now with a measly 7 out of 21..
  18. ahead, 19:35 Mutual duels. The statistics do not play in SK Beveren’s favor. In the last four mutual comparisons, Antwerp always came out in the lead. For Beverse’s latest victory against Antwerp, we have to go back to 15 December 2018..
  19. in advance, 19:31 We just want to push in the cup, even if last Sunday we played against Anderlecht and next Sunday we will play against Club Brugge. It doesn’t matter, today’s game is the most important. . Mark van Bombel.
  20. in advance, at 19.30 De Decker, Mbokani and Coopman against the former club. Special evening for Wim De Decker, the SK Beveren coach. With Antwerp, he faces the club where he ended his playing career and started his coaching career. Sander Coopman and Dieumerci Mbokani also have a past in Antwerp and are both on base tonight at Beveren. .

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