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From an operations center managed by the security unit of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), on the outskirts of Washington DC, the authorities review how the vote is evolving and the possible threats that may arise.

The director of the Internet Security and Infrastructure agency, Christopher Krebs, said Tuesday that there were “some early indicators of possible disturbances in the system”, but did not elaborate on details. He added that they had detected attempts by foreign actors to “interfere in the 2020 election”, but stopped them “quickly”.

Therefore, he assured, he is “confident that the vote is safe, the count is safe and that the results will be safe.”

Just in September Russia reappeared on the scene of the presidential elections from the United States. By then, a chain report ABC News revealed that DHS withheld an intelligence bulletin in July warning of a Russian plot to spread false information about Joe Biden’s mental health. Facebook and Twitter then detected a network of 13 fake accounts operated by a group that had the support of the Russian government.

This was the first public evidence that the Kremlin-backed group was trying to repeat what it did in the 2016 presidential election to favor Donald Trump.

The intelligence agencies of the United States and former special counsel Robert Mueller himself, after investigating Russian interference in the elections, warned at the time that Russia was trying to interfere again in the American elections. With this report, Facebook and Twitter are offering evidence of this meddling.

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