Liu Cixin said that “The Wandering Earth 2” is not like a Chinese film, but there is a small loophole–fast technology–technology changes the future

Liu Cixin said that “The Wandering Earth 2” is not like a Chinese film, but there is a small loophole

How good is “The Wandering Earth 2”? Liu Cixin himself went to the cinema to watch both sides, and even said directly: “It doesn’t look like a sci-fi movie made by the Chinese.”

CCTV’s “Face to Face” column “Liu Cixin: Science Fiction and the Real Me” was broadcast on February 5, Liu Cixin said in the program:After watching “The Wandering Earth 2”, my first impression is that I don’t think it is a movie made by the Chinese.

Liu Cixin said, “It is indeedGreatly shorten the distance between Chinese science fiction blockbusters and the world, This point is really deeply felt by those of us who engage in science fiction. “

Liu Cixin revealed that he has watched “The Wandering Earth 2” twice in the cinema, and he wrote on his personal Weibo: “If it is said that the first Chinese science fiction movie started a magnificent voyage, then this one is the one that launched it on the world stage. Honk loudly.”

It is worth mentioning that “The Wandering Earth” is a novella with a total of about 23,000 words, while the script of “The Wandering Earth 2” has 70,000 words, and many plots are not in the original novel.

Liu Cixin believes that it is somewhat helpless to say that Chinese science fiction films are keen on adaptations, because the strength of original science fiction scripts is still relatively weak in China.But “The Wandering Earth 2” has really changed my opinion. I think if we work hard to create original sci-fi movies of this kind, if we don’t adapt novel IPs, we will now have a considerable level of ability.

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Liu Cixin also pointed out a small loophole in “The Wandering Earth 2”. Its space elevator is launched with four rockets. In fact, the purpose of building a space elevator is to eliminate the use of rockets. The space elevator goes up, so what’s the point?

“Of course, this may be due to the consideration of visual effects. I don’t think it’s a big problem. The space elevator has no suspense in theory. If it is really established, the last space trip may be cheaper than taking a civil aviation plane. “

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