Little Watermelon’s Journey to Quality Growth in Competitive Ice Skating

quality growth for ‘Little Watermelon’ The eldest daughter of the couple “Jazz Chuanchuen” and “Jang Punnasa” who now turn to ice skating. Compete to win big prizes At the national level, many fields

And most recently, on the birthday of Nong Watermelon In this event, Mae Chaeng took her daughters and grandmothers to celebrate the day in a warm and simple way.

along with a message of deepest congratulations .. You’ll always be my day1 Happy birthday my sweethearts @punnada_promyos My baby, my heart is very happy. I love you. I still remember when I was born. It was raining heavily and the fire in the maternity room was extinguished. The doctor told me to calm down. child is absolutely safe From that day until today, the child has grown up. Mee still wants children. Be safe every day. Love you the most.

and ‘On the day that the child is the same body, same size shoes. I don’t know whether to be happy or not. I don’t want to grow up
On point to say very happy my friend #misstangdiary’

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