“Little Red Flower” hits 1.3 billion movies in Wuhan with box office day and night exceeding 16 million | Box Office | #大红包#|#武汉日夜#_Sina News

  [“Xiaohonghua” hit 1.3 billion #电影武汉日夜# with a box office exceeding 16 million]#电影票房# On January 24, the total box office of theaters nationwide was 87,865,700. “#大红包#” won the crown for 3 consecutive days, with a daily box office of 18.49 million and a box office of 51,708,700 in the first week. #送你一朵小红花# The single-day box office reached 15.6 million, and the cumulative box office reached 1.283 billion as of press time.

  “#武汉日夜#” has a daily box office of 5.16 million, a steady trend, with a cumulative box office of 16.341 million. “Warm Hug” has a daily box office of 7.12 million, and the cumulative box office is about to exceed 800 million. “Hunting Soul” was released for 11 days, and the cumulative box office is about to exceed 100 million. (For more complete and exciting content, please click: http://t.cn/A655M4cw)


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