Little PSG fan wants to go very far for Lionel Messi shirt | Football

sport">The boy held up a cardboard sign with the question whether he could have the shirt of the Argentine world star. In return, he has…his mother to spare.

sport">The Parisians will not take the lead next to Messi with the dream trio in the front. Neymar dropped out injured. Georginio Wijnaldum again will not start in the starting line-up.

Ronaldinho cuddles with Messi

sport">Just before the match, the Argentinian was also the subject of conversation, after a meeting between him and Ronaldinho produced beautiful images.

sport">To put the former star of PSG in the limelight, the French club organized a special ‘Ronaldinho-night’, which he himself could not miss. Just before the kick-off of the game, 41-year-old Ronaldinho ran into the current star of the French top club. The two gave each other a warm hug and that resulted in the beautiful images below.

sport">The two have a beautiful past together. The Brazilian experienced the Argentinian’s breakthrough during his period at Barcelona. It was even Ronaldinho who provided the assist for Messi’s first goal in La Liga in 2005.


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