“Little Nightmares 2” first-hand demo report to join hands to explore the world of nightmare in the gap between everyday and extraordinary “Little Nightmares 2”

Developed by Tarsier Studios and the entertainment agent of Bandai Namco Entertainment in Taiwan, it is scheduled to be launched simultaneously in Taiwan on February 10 and 11.Little Nightmare 2(Little Nightmares II)” (PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch / Steam), Bahamut GNN has recently obtained the exclusive qualification for the Beta version of the game experience. The following will introduce this unique thriller puzzle game through a trial report Characteristics.

  《Little Nightmare 2“Is a well-received thriller puzzle game”Little Nightmare“The new sequel, also written by the previous “Little Big Planet》Series produced by the Swedish Tarsier Studios team, inheriting the thrilling adventure gameplay of the previous work with escape as the main axis.

  《Little Nightmare 2“Is about being trapped in a distant radio tower, a little boy named “Mono (“Unique, alone”)” and the former protagonist-a girl in a yellow raincoat, “Six”, is grim The story of discovering secrets together in the world of horrible residents and trying their best to escape from the clutches of terrible residents. The player will play the protagonist Mono and work together with Xiao Liu to overcome the difficulties. The relationship between the two will become the key to the story.

The first two chapters of the Beta version are open for trial play. The first chapter is based on the forest and the second chapter is based on the city and school. Both chapters are representative. Boss Eyes up. Compared with the previous closed and isolated stage “Greed Jaw”, the stage of this game is broader and more diverse. The art style is also more washed out than the previous one, allowing people to fully experience the depression, anxiety, and fear atmosphere that the game intends to convey.


Mono, the protagonist as a little boy, can’t be said to be powerless, but it’s not far away. Unless you use the mechanism or specific props in the environment, you can’t fight the enemy. Therefore, the main axis of the game is placed on “exploration and solving” and “escape”. The operation of the game is quite simple. The left and right analog joysticks control the movement of the character and the deviation of the field of view, the A button jumps, the B button switches the flashlight, the X button sprints, the Y button calls a companion, the LT button squats, and the RT button grabs/climbs. When grabbing a specific object, you can press the X button to swing/throw it. If you squat down during the sprint, you will slip.

Chapter One

The first chapter of the game is a dark forest, and the unarmed Mono must overcome many difficulties to escape this dangerous environment. Although there are no deadly beasts, there are traps laid by hunters everywhere in the forest. A careless person may be caught by a trap, be trapped to death by a rope, or fall into the abyss under the broken bridge. Players must observe carefully, find out the hidden dangers, and use environmental objects to overcome them. Such as throwing acorns to trigger traps, dragging/pushing objects to climb up high places, etc. Although there are no obvious hints in the game, it is not difficult to find a solution as long as you carefully observe it.

  • image

    Slaughtered corpses can be seen everywhere

On the way, Mono will meet the imprisoned former protagonist Xiaoliu in the hunter’s hut. After freeing her, the two will take an adventure together. At first, Xiao Liu didn’t wear his signature yellow raincoat, so he might not be able to recognize it immediately. But in Chapter 2, she will retrieve the yellow raincoat and put it on again.

After the small six joined as partners, the two can work together to face obstacles on the road. For example, a high place that a person could not climb can now be climbed up with the help of a small six. Things that could not be pushed/opened by one person can now be overcome by two people. There are also mechanisms that can only be operated by a two-person division of labor, or they can be used to attract the enemy’s attention. When encountering such puzzles, Xiao Liu’s AI will let her automatically locate and act accordingly. So if you can’t find the key to solving the puzzle for a while, you might as well observe the behavior of Xiao Liu, and perhaps you can find the answer.

  • image

    Hand in hand with the former protagonist Xiao Liu to face the problem

After entering the hunter’s hut, the player will face the “Hunter” who is the greatest threat in the first chapter and enter the highlight of “You chase me and run away”. When faced with a tall hunter holding a shotgun, Mono and Xiaoliu have no ability to fight against it, so they can only run and hide constantly to avoid the hunter’s persistent pursuit. At this time, the movement of “squatting” becomes the key. Squatting can reduce the movement during movement, and it can even completely hide the figure in the grass or mud. When faced with a situation where it is impossible to hide, one must run away while avoiding the hunter’s shooting with the help of shelters such as wooden boxes.

  • image

    Together with Xiao Liu, tear down the dead wood to create a cover to avoid hunters. Have you noticed the love symbol on it?

Chapter two

After a thrilling escape and confrontation, the two crossed the ocean and came to the urban stage in Chapter 2. Although it is a city with rows of buildings, it is empty, and even if there is no fatal threat, it is still creepy. In the end, the two came to school, and it was then that the nightmare truly began.

  • image

    Join hands to explore the world of nightmares in the gap between everyday and extraordinary

In the school, Mono and Primary Six will face double threats from “teacher” and “student”. Severe and terrible sadistic female teachers, unscrupulously bullying children, make the school a terrible bullying hell. There are deadly organs set up for pranks everywhere, and there are students who will swarm up when they are caught. Fortunately, fragile students are not invincible, as long as they hold a hammer, they can fight against it. However, even if the skinny Mono had exhausted the strength of feeding, he could only swing the hammer forward with a violent K. He could not swing continuously, and had to catch the opportunity of the student to pounce to hit it.

As a digression, these students are dolls, and their heads are empty shells that can be broken at once, which seems to imply something (the brainless students under the education of filling ducks?). As the protagonist of the previous game, Xiao Liu is not a vegetarian. He can attack students from behind and smash their heads with bare hands. Even the protagonist Mono cannot do this. Don’t treat Xiao Liu as a traditional video game that needs protection. , The stereotypical heroine waiting for rescue (although occasionally still saved!).

  • image

    The solemn campus exudes a repressive atmosphere of terror

  • image

    Brandishing a large pot spoon to repel the crowd of students

Sadistic female teacher is another matter. The terrifying-looking teacher is like a hunter. He is unrivaled, and he can crane his neck to look around (frightening), just like the long-necked monster in Japanese legend. The field of vision is much wider than that of the hunter, and he can even penetrate into narrow spaces such as passages. Mono and Primary Six can only escape and hide all the way. Whether in the classroom, library, natural science textbook room, or music classroom, they have to find ways to hide.

  • image

    The long-necked monster teacher who scared people to death

Unique puzzle gameplay

The puzzle-solving mechanism in the school is richer and more varied than the first chapter, and there will also be puzzle-solving of chess games. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the rules of chess, the answer is hidden nearby. In addition, there are empty-shelled heads that fall from the students passing through the cafeteria filled with frolicking students. The editor stuck there for a while, and finally happened to pick up the empty-shelled head and put it on the head and untie it. So that’s ok!” exclaimed.

Because the game does not have a reminder function, you may get stuck because you can’t find the key points during the game, or you don’t know what the operation just affects? What should I do next? At this point, as long as you investigate the remaining objects or changes in the scene, you can probably solve it.

The production team mentioned in the media briefing that the reading mechanism of the game has been greatly improved compared to the previous one. Now if you die by mistake or restart the game, you can quickly restart from the nearest checkpoint instead of waiting for a long reading. Adjust the mechanism of obtaining the key to unlock the door lock. You don’t need to hold the key in both hands to unlock it like the previous game. You can’t do anything in the middle. The key obtained this time can be stored in your pocket without affecting your future actions.

In addition, the collection element of “hats” is also added to the game. Different hats can be obtained in the level to replace the paper bag on Mono’s head.

Conclusion: A masterpiece of horror sketches with more detailed chain washing

After the trial play, the editor deeply felt the ambition of the production team to expand this IP worldview with the experience gained from the highly acclaimed previous work. The art is more detailed, the atmosphere is more depressing and terrifying, and the gameplay is more interesting. Recommended horror sketches.Although from Mono’s point of view, the humans they see and encounter are all monsters and monsters, but maybe Mono and Xiaoliu are these “Humanity” The pests that you want to get rid of quickly are just like most people’s perception of cockroaches and mice. The beta version only opens the first two chapters, and has not yet been able to get a glimpse of the full story. Some mechanisms such as flashlights have not yet been experienced at this stage. The editor really feels that it is still unfinished, and I really want to play the rest of the content quickly.

Game Information

  • game name:Little Nightmare 2

  • The original name of the game: Little Nightmares II

  • Game type: thriller secret room puzzle solving

  • Corresponding platform: PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC Digital/Nintendo Switch

  • Release date: PS4 / Switch version on February 10, 2021, Xbox One / PC Digital version on February 11, 2021

  • Suggested price: NT$790 for the regular version, NT$990 for the digital luxury version

  • Language version: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English / Japanese / Korean and other 14 languages ​​with subtitles, English voice

  • Number of players: 1

  • Age classification: auxiliary 15 levels

  • Developer: Tarsier Studios

  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Pte Ltd.

  • Taiwan release: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.

  • Official website:https://en.bandainamcoent.eu/little-nightmares/little-nightmares-ii

Little Nightmares ® & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.


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