Lisu shot the old team! Muang Thong was not defeated by Police Teroka, home 1-2 (watch highlight clips).

Kirin, who won three league games in a row, faced another defeat after being attacked by the Silver Shield Dragon, leading to two goals in the first half from Dragan Boskovic’s penalty and the long shot of ” Lisu “Theerathep Winothai, although came to have a goal in the second half of the injury From the free kick of Sorawit Phanthong, but in the end it did not catch up, causing SCG Muang Thong United to open their home defeated Police Tero FC 1-2

Thai Football League 2020

SCG Muang Thong United 1-2 Police Tero FC

Toyota Thai League 2020 football battle whenTuesday, March 2, 2021 “Kylen arrogant” SCG Muang Thong United Open field SCG Stadium Welcome the visit of “Silver Shield Dragon” Police Tero FC

The game started for the first 7 minutes, the home team greeted first from the moment weerathep Pomphan shone far outside the penalty area. But the ball still crosses the bar after going out

GOAL!! 18 minutes, the away team scores the lead When he got the ball at the penalty spot from the moment that Patcharaphon Intanee was hit by Theerathep Winothai, it was knocked down in the penalty area. Dragan Boskovic Assassinate Passed the ball through Sompornyot’s hands, entered the door, Police Tero led 1-0.

In 36 minutes, Muang Thong almost equalized the goal Willian Popp tipped the ball in the penalty area. The ball narrowly fell off the first post.

In 44 minutes, Polistero had a chance to win a free kick in front of the penalty area of ​​Theerathep Vinothai, but the ball still crossed the bar after it.

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GOAL!! In stoppage time of the first half, Police Teroma got the door away. From the long shot of Theerathep Winothai The ball ricocheted Lucas Rocha, the back panel of SCG Muang Thong, before throwing into the second pole, making the Silver Shield Dragon lead 2-0 and finished the first half with this score.

In the second half, 46 minutes, Kylin greeted first when Patcharaphon Intanee shot far in front of the penalty area. But the ball hit the first post a little

The home team opened a 52-minute hard attack from the cross into the penalty area of ​​Suporn Pinakata Pho and then it was Willian Popp, but the ball was still over the crossbar.

61 minutes, Muang Thong has a chance to win again when Suporn Pinakata Pho Set the turret to shoot in front of the penalty area But the ball still went directly to Prasit Phadungchoke

The opportunity of the team for 78 minutes from the rhythm of the return. Ekachai Samre snatched the ball into the penalty area. Before shooting with the right, but Sompornyot was able to catch up in time

GOAL!! During injury time of the second half, Muang Thong came to get a recuperating goal. From the free kick in front of the penalty area Sorawit Phanthong That ran and spun into the door The local people chased it into 1-2.

Even though the rest The home team will open the game to attack hard. I hope to make the same goal. But was unable to penetrate the away team’s defense line Making the game end of the game is Polittero FC who invaded SCG Muang Thong United 2-1, collecting 3 points, increasing to 32 points from 24 games, moving up to hold the 9th place in the table. Stopped at 40 points, ranked 4th as usual.

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List of 11 players who have entered the field

SCG Muangthong United: Sompornyot (GK), Suporn Pinakata Pho, Lucas Rocha, Saringkarn Promsupha, Boonthawee Thepwong, Patcharaphon Intanee, Veerathep Pomphan, Sardormir Sayev , Pichautra, Willian Popp, Dairley

Police Tero FC: Prasit Padungchok (GK), Sanchai Nontasila, Isaac Honnie, Chumpon Bua-ngam, Kwon Daehee, Ekachai Samre, Santithon Latrom, Kanokpol Putpakom, Thirathepwi Notai, Suphotchamchum, Dragan Boskovic

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