Listen: ‘Triana Park’ new song from the upcoming album

The group “Triānas Parks” will release a single and video clip “Lonely Island” – a cover for the upcoming EP album “Compositions” on October 27.

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The song “Lonely Island” originated in the group’s creative camp, where the idea of ​​loneliness and loneliness was developed as a positive aspect, which is not always, especially in modern culture, it is perceived.

As much as we need other people and active socialization, we also need moments of peace and quiet. Then we can meet ourselves and deal with deeper and more important issues, the artists explain.

In the “Lonely Island” video, the band uses elements of choreography for the first time, which was a big challenge for Agnese. The dance choreography was created by Ieva Biteniece.Along with the good news, “Triana Park” also announces that due to the restrictions in the country, the planned big concert on October 15 at the Hansa Peron cultural site will be postponed to March 25, 2021. This autumn, “Triānas Parks” will perform the program of the album “11” – on October 18 in the cultural center “Siguldas Devons”, on October 23 in the concert hall “Valmiera”, on October 24 in Skrīveri Cultural Center.

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