Listen – the group “Orange Holidays” celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new hit

The presentation of the “I will blow you in the air” clip will take place on Friday, June 5, in the group’s Facebook account. From 8 pm, everyone will be able to watch various video-related activities related to the presentation. The musicians promise a small concert, to tell about what is happening in the group, to answer the audience’s questions, while at the end of the evening the musicians will offer an exciting DJ set to celebrate the release of the new video remotely.

With the song “I’ll Beat You in the Air”, the band has returned to the long-tested values ​​of the ska-punk music genre. “A fast, energetic and dynamic song about socially relevant developments,” explains the group’s leader and songwriter Ints Ķergalvis, also known as Speiss. He admits that the text of the composition contains a number of nonsense in an ironic manner, which, according to the musicians, has no place in our society. “An explosion does not always lead to destruction. The whole development of humanity of the last century is based on controlled explosions of various sizes, ”adds the band’s guitarist Kaspars Čakste.

The new director and a good friend of the group Marta Elīna Martinsone has already proved herself in the cinema field to create a video for the song. “This is my first music video and I am very glad that” Orange Holidays “addressed me, as well as trusted my idea. They are great guys who are terribly cool to work with. The idea for the clip came from the song and combined it with my love for superheroes. We wanted to create Latvian superheroes together, based on mythology and history. The characters struggle with things that Latvians, metaphorically speaking, would like to put in the air. Visually, with the cinematographer Kristaps Dzen, we chose action and kung-fu films from the seventies and eighties as a starting point. Marta does not hide that the filming process itself was quite fun.

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