Listen – the group “Favorable type” releases the summer party digger “Tukšu tačku”

The video of the song was filmed in the hospitable premises of the dance studio “Fandango”, in the grand cultural center “Pearl of Ulbroka”, as well as near Mazā Kalna Street.

The main roles, using the position of the service, were given by the members of the group to themselves, but the former members of the “Favorable Type” Anda Budļevska or Anda L. and Andris Ābelīte were also immortalized as special guests in the filming. The charming dancers of “Fandango” took care of the beauty and grace.

The author and director of the screenplay of the unforgettable video version of the song is Andris Freidenfelds, whose creative biography includes several legendary videos in the history of Latvian music – the song “ in the sky ”…

“The video track is an attempt to depict the confusion of the ‘ordinary little person’ or, to be more precise, the average person in today’s reality, in the dynamic conditions of changing values, gender and menu,” comments Andris Freidenfelds.

The clip was filmed and edited by Elvis Lācis, who has collaborated with several musicians in Latvia. Including with Eurovision conquerors “Other Boys”, rap duo “Eggs”, intoxicating group “Singapore Satin” and others.

Andris Freidenfelds, Ģirts Lūsis, Normunds Jakušonoks and Haralds Stenclavs took care of the melody of the song, and Andris Freidenfelds took care of the lyrics. Lotars Lodziņš and Jānis Kalve from the Labo Recording Studio helped to capture all this in files.

The new single will be heard from May 16 in the heads of current music lovers, the largest streaming services and the best radio stations.

The group “Favorable Type” celebrates its third decade this year, in honor of which the hot and fresh summer concert series “I am already 30” has been announced. The concerts will take place on July 1 at Saulkrasti stage, on July 2 at Ikšķile stage, on July 8 at Kalnsēta Park in Saldus, on July 9 in Roja, on July 15 in the concert garden “Pūt, vējiņi!” In Liepāja, on July 16 in the concert hall “Mītava” in Jelgava, on July 23 in Kuldīga stage, on August 5 in Neikenkalns nature concert hall in Dikļi and on August 6 in Pilskalns stage in Alūksne. Tickets can already be purchased at the ticket offices of Biļešu paradīze.

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