Listen – Jānis Stībelis has written a new song

“Summer was running, and autumn was already here. While writing this song, I wanted to stop time for a moment and feel the special little moments that gave me joy. Feel the moments and understand what is really expensive. Only we can choose how to use our I think it is best to dedicate it to people who are close to us, whom we love, “says Jānis Stībelis.

The music video director and cameraman is Mārcis Šēners, but the main characters are Julianna Gordimova and Aivars Šāblis. Nora Legzdiņa, Aivars Šāblis, Julianna Gordimova, Krists Šēners, Oskars Sidra, Inga Kohane, Dāvids Stūrmanis also participated in the creation of the video. The song was recorded in “Factory Sounds Studio”, recorded and mixed by Gints Stankevičs, but the author of the text and music of “Save Me”, as well as the producer and arranger is Jānis Stībelis.

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