List of the Best Marksman Heroes in the Mobile Legends Game: Okezone techno

Game Mobile Legends offers a five-on-five player game. Gamers must choose a hero before starting the match. The available heroes appear with different roles.

As is known, there are various hero roles in the Mobile Legends game such as fighter, marksman to tank. Especially marksman, here are some of the best heroes you can choose from, taken from various sources.


Hero Granger has a dash ability that allows him to move quickly, both chasing and escaping from enemy chases. This hero can have the strongest attack thanks to his ultimate skill.


One of the marksman with the highest attack speed, Claude. This hero allows moving from one place to another thanks to its ‘teleport’ ability. Claude’s ulti skill can also inflict great damage over a wide area.


Karrie is known as a marksman who has a fairly high attack speed. The attacks he launched helped the team during the war. He also has the Speedy Lightwheel skill so he can attack enemies very quickly.

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Lesley, the sniper hero can be feared by your opponent because one shot can be very painful. Lesley has a skill similar to Granger, which is to shoot enemies from a distance. It’s just that this hero is able to lock onto the target so that the fleeing target can only surrender to receive a bullet attack.

Make Sun-shin

Yi Sun-Shin is said to be a marksman hyper carry and is capable of dealing massive damage. This hero also has the ability to move quickly and is immune to CC skills for a limited time using Traceless skills.

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