List of motorcycles fatally shot in Indonesia for all of 2022

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There were several models at this time of year motorcycle no longer made in Indonesia. The production of these motorcycles was stopped due to many factors, starting from intense competition, major decisions, to the fact that the product was judged no longer to live up to market expectations.

Below is a list of motorcycles in Indonesia that have been forced to undergo “fatal injections” throughout 2022:

Yamaha Jupiter MX 150

Yamaha has discontinued this duck model in Indonesia. This news has been circulating since November 2022. Therefore, sales are made only to rely on old stock at each retailer.

This decision resulted in Yamaha leaving the MX-King in the 150cc duck segment only. The Yamaha Jupiter MX was first released in 2005. This bike is an alternative to the Suzuki Satria F.

Yamaha Mio Z, Mio S and Soul GT

In addition to Jupiter MX, Yamaha will also discontinue production of Mio Z, Mio S and Soul GT in Indonesia in 2022. The decision to discontinue these three models has been approved by Yamaha since June 2022.

Thus, on 125 cc scooters, Yamaha currently markets only the Mio M3, Fino, Fazzio, X-Ride, Freego and Gear 125.

YamahaN max

Yamaha also discontinued the older Nmax model in Indonesia this year. Yamaha did not discontinue the older Nmax model when the new generation was launched in late 2019.

Production is being maintained as there is still a lot of demand.
According to Yamaha, production will be stopped by adjusting to market demand.

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Suzuki GSX150 Bandit

Earlier this year, the Suzuki marque made the decision to discontinue the GSX150 Bandit in Indonesia. On Suzuki Indonesia’s official website, now only the GSX-R150 and GSX-S150 remain the company’s capital in the 150cc sport bike market.

This motorcycle was first released in Indonesia in 2018. The company equipped the bandits with a 150cc engine injection, double overhead camshaft(DOHC). When it was first launched, Bandit was priced at IDR 26 million.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]

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