List of Cooking Oil Brands with Lower Prices at Alfamart-Indomaret

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Price cooking oil packaging at Alfamart and Indomaret outlets is still high. But some brands cooking oil This has lowered the selling price to below Rp. 40 thousand.

Based on monitoring at Alfamart in the Tegal Parang area, South Jakarta, Saturday (2/7), the two-liter packaged cooking oil of the Filma brand experienced a significant decline with a price of Rp. 39,900 from the original price of Rp. 51,500.

Then the two-liter packaged cooking oil of the Tropical brand, which fell from Rp. 50,700 to Rp. 39,500.

Shifting to Indomaret, the price drop also occurred for the same brand. Tropical cooking oil 2 liter packaging to Rp39,900 from the original price of Rp46,900.

Meanwhile, the price of two-liter packaged cooking oil for the Filma brand also decreased to Rp39,900 from the original price of Rp40,600.

Apart from the two brands, there has been no significant change in the price of packaged cooking oil. For example, the Bimoli brand of two liter packaged cooking oil which is still priced at IDR 52,600.

Meanwhile, at Alfamart Tegal Parang, Sunco’s two-liter packaged cooking oil is priced at IDR 51,500.

The following is a list of packaged cooking oil prices at Alfamart and Indomaret:

Alfamart Tegal Parang:
Tropical 1 liter:Rp21.500
Tropical 2 liter: IDR 50,700 down to IDR 39,500
Filma 2 liters: IDR 51,500 down to IDR 39,900
Alfamart 2 liters: IDR 46,900
Bimoli 2 liters: IDR 49,900
Sunco 2 liter: Rp51.500

Indomaret Tegal Parang:
Sovia 1 liter: Rp19,600
Filma 2 liters: IDR 40,600 down to IDR 39,900
Tropical 2 liter: IDR 46,900 down to IDR 39,900
Bimoli 2 liters: IDR 52,600.

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