List of Best 4GB RAM HP Recommendations at Affordable Prices: Redmi Note 8 Only Rp. 2 Million

TRIBUNPAPUA.COM – For those of you who want to buy a cellphone with cheap 4GB RAM, the following list of HP recommendations can be considered.

HP with 4GB RAM is currently quite affordable.

Even two whiz Xiaomi, namely Redmi 8 and Redmi 9 are priced at only Rp. 1 million.

The following cheap 4GB HP RAM recommendations will be suitable for those of you who need quite a lot of supporting applications.

Starting from a variety of chat applications, light photo and video editing, or playing light online games of the MOBA or battle royale type.

For those of you who are also active in the online business, the following recommendations for cheap 4GB HP RAM are also ready to support several e-commerce applications at once without being slow.

You can also get the following 4GB HP RAM series officially at the official stores belonging to each brand in e-commerce.

The following are recommendations for the best cheap 4GB HP RAM that can be an option.

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Recommended cheap 4GB RAM HP

HP Samsung

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