List of Android and iPhone cellphones that can’t use WhatsApp anymore starting next month

the illustration of the WhatsApp application can no longer be used on a number of Android and iPhone cellphones. (Source:

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Starting November 1, 2021, WhatsApp can no longer be used on various Android phones and iPhones. Here’s a list of Android and iPhone phones that can no longer use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp announced via its official website that phones with legacy operating systems can no longer access their app.

For Android phones, WhatsApp will no longer be able to be used on phones with OS 4.0.4 (Android Ice Cream Sandwich) or lower.

iPhones that still use iOS 9 or older versions also suffer the same fate.

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WhatsApp asks users who are still using cellphones with the operating system to update to a newer version or replace their device immediately.

The minimum requirements set by WhatsApp for further use of its services are devices with the operating system Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or later and iOS 10 or later.

Based on these requirements, there are around 53 Android and iPhone cellphones that can no longer use WhatsApp starting next month.

There are several models marketed in Indonesia and are still widely used today. If you’re still using the phone on this list, check your phone’s operating system version immediately.

To check the version of the Android operating system, open the “Settings” or “Settings” menu. Then, click “About Phone” or “About Phone” and select “Software information” or “software information”.


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