List of 12 Countries Appearing in the Eurozone World Cup Playoffs

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Qualification 2022 World Cup has finished with 10 teams confirming themselves to qualify for Qatar with group winners status. The following is a list of 12 countries battling for the remaining three tickets.

The remaining three European zone tickets are contested by the 10 countries that are runners-up in the group plus the two best countries from the UEFA Nations League that are not in the top two positions in the World Cup Qualifiers.

In the list of 12 countries that will fight in the playoffs, there are countries with a strong tradition in football such as Portugal and Italy.

A total of 12 countries are divided into two groups, namely superior and non-seeded. Countries that are included in the list of seeded groups are Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, and Wales.

While the non-seeded countries are Poland, North Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

With three tickets remaining, the 12 countries will be divided into three charts with each chart directly competing in the semifinals. Each block contains two leading countries and two non-seeded countries. The first match will bring together a superior country duel against a non-seeded country.

The winner of each semifinal will qualify for the final and fight for a ticket to the final. Thus there will be three playoff finals in this European zone.

The draw for the playoffs will take place on November 26. Meanwhile, the playoffs will be held on March 24-29, 2022. All matches will only take place in a one-match format.

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List of 12 Countries Playing in the European zone World Cup Playoffs


1. Portugal
2. Scotland
3. Italy
4. Russia
5. Sweden
6. Wales

Non Featured

7. Poland
8. Northern Macedonia
9. Turkey
10. Ukraine
11. Austria
12. Czech Republic

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