World Lisbon Chamber with 33 active cases; 8 dead...

Lisbon Chamber with 33 active cases; 8 dead in Reguengos


Portugal has met since this Wednesday, and until a new reassessment of the situation, ‘divided’ into three, with the majority of the continental territory on alert, the Area Metropolitana de Lisboa in contingency, continuing 19 parishes still in a state of calamity due to the daily increase in cases. “You can’t talk about out of control”, but “the situation is startling”, admitted the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, in an interview to RTP.

THE Brazil has already crossed the 60,000 dead barrier, the India has more than 600 thousand infected and the U.Scountry more affected in the world, account for 128,028 Deaths and 2,678,202 cases since the beginning of pandemic, with almost 50 thousand infected in the last 24 hours.

A preliminary study by a university estimates that between 1% and 2% of newyorkers infected died, a higher death rate than anywhere else in the world.

Follow the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal and no World.

Follow HERE THE MINUTE the latest developments on the Covid-19 in Portugal and in the World.

13h50 – Ex-MEP from the PS, Ana Gomes, speaks of “concerted attack” from various quarters to Minister Marta Temido, carried out “by those who always need to find scapegoats for their own levity and in / action”. And he asks: “Is António Costa going to fall bagmaker change of health minister in the middle of pandemic?”

13h45 – Balance pandemic globally: The new coronavirus already caused the death of at least 516,369 people e infetou more than 10.7 million worldwide since December. Two cases detected, at least 5,430,100 were considered cured.

13h40 – Manuals: Directors accuse politicians of “playing at schools“and criticize the timing of the proposal to suspend the return of textbooks.

13h35 – The Azores did not register in the last 24 hours new positive cases of covid-19, maintaining a total of 153 cases of infection for the new coronavirus SARSCoV-2, said the Regional Health Authority.

13h30 – The President of the Chambertimes from Lisbon, Fernando Medina, said today that “there is total convergence” with the Government in combating pandemic of Covid-19, refusing that his criticisms of acting health authorities correspond to a “wound”.

13h06 – A Câtimes of Lisbon registers currently 33 cases of infection by covid-19 “active, in a total of 53 positive cases, 20 of which were recovered, the vice-president of the municipality announced today.

12h58 – The death toll rises to eight in Reguengos de Monsaraz.

12h45 – Medicine announced with activity antiviral higher than remdesivir. A PharmaMar defends, once again, the effectiveness of your medicine Aplidin to the Covid-19. The announcement comes in the context of a global battle to obtain reserves of remdesivir, the Gilead Sciences drug to treat infection. The Spanish pharmaceutical company guarantees that its compound “has shown activity between 2,400 and 2,800 times greater “, says quoted by ABC.

12h40 – Robot capable of eliminating Covid-19 has already arrived in Portugal. THE ZenZoe was created by Spanish companies UNTIL Mobile Robotics and BOOS Technical Lighting and distribution is already guaranteed in our country.

12h30 – Brussels launches process infringement to Portugal due to vouchers. A European Commission today decided to launch infringement against Portugal and nine other Member States for violation of Community passenger rights laws, namely the issuing of vouchers, instead of refunds, within the framework of the Covid-19

12h20 – The authorities Serbian today they stepped up restrictive measures against the spread of Covid-19 also converting hospital units for patients only affected for the new coronavirus.

12h10 – Hungary will not reopen borders for countries outside the European Union for now (EU) and that the European authorities consider safe, exception of Serbia, announced today the Prime Minister, Viktor Orban.

11.55 am – Djokovic donates 40,000 euros to a Serbian hospital to combat Covid-19. According to a hospital doctor, the donation will be used to purchase equipment for protection, medical equipment and medicines.

11h45 – Health professionals at the Coimbra Hospital and University Center (CHUC) recorded a low incidence rate of infected like New coronavirus, with nurses being the most affected, was announced today.

11.35 am – New outbreak in Lisbon and Tagus Valley: There are 45 users infected for the new coronavirus at Lar de São Vicente, in Alcabideche, news to TVI. In addition to the users, five employees also tested positive for the Covid-19.

11.15 am – The Prime Minister’s father britman traveled to Greece, where he has a holiday home, through Bulgaria, bypassing the quarantine imposed on tourists and defying UK guidelines against unnecessary travel, the Daily Mail revealed.

10h55 – Impact of pandemic: The Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, Ana Mendes Godinho, said this Thursday that over 80 thousand people have already signed up for Social Security, since janeiro, because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

10h45 – EU recovery package: A President of the European Commission announced today that it invited the presidents of the Council and the European Parliament and the rotating presidency of the Council to a meeting on Wednesday. THE objective is pave the way for a quick deal about the recovery package.

10h20 – “Farewell day”. Head of epidemiology and statistics leaves the DGS. Rita Sá Machado will integrate the Permanent Mission of Portugal team to the United Nations International Organisms and Organizations.

9h40 – Positive contagion. The main European stock exchanges opened today, excited about the possible new vaccine against Covid-19 and waiting for several results in the United States.

9h30 – Immunity: The vaccine against the new coronavirus, which is being developed by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, should offer “good immunity duration”, said this Wednesday the researcher and professor of vaccinology Sarah Gilbert, na Câtimes of the Commons. Immunity can even last for several years.

9h15 – Going to the UK? Dozens of countries will be exempt from travel and quarantine restrictions on entering the UK from Monday, but it is still uncertain whether Portugal will be included, the media reports today britânica.

75 or 95 countries? The Daily Telegraph reports that 75 low- or very low-risk countries will be covered, while The Times suggests the list includes up to 95 countries

8h40 – A reopening of borders with the neighboring country, which marked yesterday, was also made by air. Here is the first flight between Madrid-Lisbon, after three months.

8h35 – “Friend infected friend, be friend, don’t go “. An advice from Direction-General Health directed at young people (and less young people). Do not participate or organize parties. Remember that the authorities can fine anyone who does. Stopping the transmission of this virus depends on each one of us.

8:10 a.m. A Germany accounted, in the last 24 hours, 503 more confirmed cases (a variation of 0.26%) and nine deaths (an increase of 0.10%) due to the new coronavirus. The data were released on Thursday morning by the Robert Koch Institute. In total, the country has already registered, since the pandemic, one toral of 195,228 infections e 8.994 Deaths.

7h54 – Traveling fun entrepreneurs, who work mainly at parties and fairs, demonstrate at the Ajuda Palace, where the Council of Ministers takes place, to demand the resumption of their activity, suspended due to pandemic gives Covid-19.

7h00 – Portuguese can do tourism in Tunisia: Portuguese tourists traveling to Tunis can move freely in the country, after disclosure, by the authorities tunisinas, of a list of countries, depending on the risk of contamination of the new coronavirus, but that vetoes Brazilians and Americans.

6h55 – The Minister of Health of Nova Zealândia, David Clark, resigned after being at the center of criticism for violating the confinement gives Covid-19, announced the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern.

6h50- Or number of cases of Covid-19 na India exceeded 600 thousand since the beginning of pandemic, after the country registered 19,148 infections in the last 24 hours

6h45 – A China identified three new cases of covid-19 in the past 24 hours, one in Beijing and two from abroad, officials announced today. Beijing detected an outbreak of the virus at the beginning of last month, in a supply market in the city, adding up to date 329 infected

6h40 – THE Mexico recorded 741 dead and 5,681 infected over the past 24 hours, raising the total Deaths since the beginning of pandemic for 28,510 and contagion for 231,770

6h35 – New York Mortality: a preliminary study American university estimates that between 1% and 2% of newyorkers infected with Covid-19 died, a higher death rate than anywhere else in the world.

6h30 – The U.S recorded 706 deaths and 48,830 infected by covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to a Johns Hopkins University balance sheet.

6am Good Morning! New day, new follow-up to MINUTE of pandemic in Portugal and no World.

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