Liquidation of unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing company ‘Airdog’

The liquidation process has been started for the unmanned aircraft technology development and unmanned aircraft manufacturing company SIA “Airdog”, informs “Lursoft” Client Portfolio

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The liquidation process is initiated by the decision of the participant.

In 2016 and 2017, the company’s turnover exceeded one million euros, while in the last two years it has halved.

Last year SIA “Airdog” had a turnover of 693.76 thousand euros and closed the year with a profit of 23.79 thousand euros. Last year was the first year when SIA “Airdog” worked with a profit, but the total losses of the previous seven years have reached 3.89 million euros.

SIA “Airdog” was registered in 2012, and its sole shareholder is the US-registered Inc. “Airdog”. The company has invested 4.76 million euros in the share capital of SIA “Airdog”.

According to Lursoft, Inc. “Airdog currently does not own any other company registered in Latvia. Meanwhile, the current manager and current liquidator of SIA” Airdog “Agris Ķipurs owns two companies – SIA” Jaunrades centrs “and SIA” AK Capital “. euro.

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