Lionel Messi’s time with Paris Saint-Germain comes to an end

Messi’s contract with the Parisian team has expired

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The story of Lionel Messi, the Argentine football legend, officially ended with Paris Saint-Germain, on Thursday, after two seasons in which “Leo” lived a lot of frustration on and off the field.

Paris coach Christophe Galtier confirmed on Thursday that the Clermont match will be the last match that Messi, who is considered by many to be the greatest in history, will play with the Parisian team, as he won the French League and Super Cup with the latter.

Messi moved to Paris Saint-Germain in August 2021 surprisingly, after Barcelona failed to reach an agreement to extend the contract of the greatest player in its history due to financial problems.

Messi, his wife, Antonella, and his three children lived in a hotel in the French capital for a long time, before settling on renting a house for 20,000 euros, and during that period he used vacations to travel to Barcelona, ​​​​where he spent 20 years of his life before moving to the French capital.

Messi said in an interview with “TYC” about his move to Paris: It was a bit difficult because the transfer came suddenly, because I thought that everything would remain the same after winning the Copa America “July 2021”, but I left Barcelona and I was not. wanting, and the fact that I was crying with my wife Antonella when we were taking the children to school, it was hard for them everything was new and they couldn’t understand anything, but they had strength and things got a little better.

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Lionel suffered to prove himself with Paris and appeared as a ghost of what he was in the Barcelona shirt, as he needed 3 months to score his first goal in the French League, after scoring Nantes in November.

And in February of last year, Lionel Messi faced Real Madrid for the first time in a shirt other than Barcelona’s shirt, and when he advanced to take a penalty kick in the last minutes of the first-leg match for the final price (which ended 1-0 to Paris), the Belgian Thibaut Courtois saved his kick, while Karim Benzema made an imaginary show. In the second leg, Messi and his team were eliminated from the final price.

That defeat opened fire on Messi, as he was subject to boos from the fans of his team for the first time in his career, after the Paris fans poured out their anger on him alongside Neymar after the European exit, and at that time he had only completed 6 months since joining the team.

And the Paris fans continued to whistle at Messi more than once, the last of which was last month after his exclusion penalty, and the Paris Ultras directed him a lot of insults outside the club’s headquarters, and about that, his Portuguese colleague Renato Sanchez said: It is difficult for Messi and very strange for him.

Messi will end his journey in the capital of light after 74 matches, during which he scored 32 goals and provided 35 assists.

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