Lionel Messi will meet Bartomeu. Key talks in Barcelona Pika Nona

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on football clubs. Many of them decided to cut the salaries of their players to minimize financial losses. A similar situation took place in FC Barcelona, but Josep Maria Bartomeu I want to do it again. According to the portal, the Spanish club still shows a loss of EUR 98 million after the end of the 2019/2020 season.

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FC Barcelona wants to cut players’ salaries, Mesis will talk to Bartomeu

Negotiations on a salary cut in the next season will also be Leo Messi’s first meeting with Josep Maria Bartomeu after the confusion over the departure of the Argentinian. Spanish media reports that the Argentine is not enthusiastic about the talks after agreeing to stay in FC Barcelona for the next season – which he did only to avoid a lawsuit with his beloved team.

The media did not say when exactly the 33-year-old will meet with the president of the club. The details of the percentage reductions were also not disclosed. In March, FC Barcelona players agreed to cut their salaries by 70 percent. thanks to which the club saved EUR 70 million. However, in June, Josep Maria Bartomeu renewed his request and planned more cuts, which met with the team’s dissatisfaction. The planned negotiations will be the club’s third attempt to raise funds.

In 2018 Leo messi took over from Andres Iniesta the armband of the captain of FC Barcelona. Before the 2020/2021 season, the team once again selected the Argentinean for this function. The players also agreed who would replace the 33-year-old in his absence. Sergio Busquets was elected his deputy for the third time in a row, and Gerard Pique and Sergi Roberto were the next players in the hierarchy.

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