Lionel Messi is the main reason why Cristiano Ronaldo decided to leave Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly Manchester United informed that he wants to leave the club and join a club that will take him next season Champions-League-Soccer guaranteed.

The former Chelsea-Striker Tony Cascarino has developed a theory and explains why they are on Lionel Messi relates. He said opposite Talksport: “Ronaldo is, as always, a player who has an ego.”

“A lot revolves around him, but the teams he’s played in have been successful, so you always deal with that as a team player.”

“Great, he scores goals, he gets awards, he’s one of the greatest to have ever played this game. You can have it all and that’s fine as long as you win. If you don’t win, now you have a problem. ”

“I told you off-air, I’m a bit suspicious because he has 141 goals in the Champions League. Messi has 125. He doesn’t want to give up Champions League football because he’s the top Champions League goalscorer of all time wants to be, and that’s what makes Ronaldo tick.”

Manchester United don’t want to let Ronaldo go despite his desire and will do their best to keep him for at least another season.

Cristiano’s big wage demands (he earns around £25million a year at Old Trafford) are a stumbling block in a summer move, as he would have to accept a significant pay cut to join another club.

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