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Beautiful overview. It hurts me to realize what if we had put all this effort into a few types; how far would it be now?

All in all, I have had a nice group installed since 2000. Not everything is used as a daily computer, but quite a few variants have been used for more than 1 week or were needed in emergency situations.

My humble list of distros:
RedHat (demo CD from 1999), Knoppix, Lindows, Backtrack, Kali, {K-, X-, Ed-} Ubuntu, XBMC Live, Elementary OS, Kiwi, Linux Mint, Raspbian, SuSE, Mandrake, Fedora, Asterisk at home , Gentoo, OpenWRT, and then the mobile phones with Android, with Cyanogenmod (nice time that was) and Omnirom. The one time I started ARCH I immediately stopped it again. It all went a bit too far for me to do it all barebones.

Now I understand, having seen this overview again (years ago it was much less fragmented than now) I understand why I did not always feel comfortable, because I really turned different blood types continuously. Since I’ve stayed most in the world of Debian, it’s all a lot easier to understand.

It would be nice to make this a pretty picture if we also included the number of active clients in this overview. Now you can only guess which one is most used

Meanwhile I am writing this on ChromeOS, running a server Debian and various Raspberry Pi’s variants of Raspbian or OpenElec.

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