Linita Mediņa reveals what a man should be to attract her attention Shows

On Monday, September 20, the related show of the favorite show “The owner is looking for a wife”, which is hosted by the hostess – the popular country singer Linita Mediņa, has premiered on Go3 television. The sympathetic hostess has invited five gentlemen – Valdis, Sandija, Māris, Andris and Jānis.

Linita Mediņa will welcome potential grooms to her home on the Jelgava side. Although the children have grown up, Linita is never alone at home – she has several pets. And gentlemen need to think more than how to impress Linita’s three children, but on her four-legged friends.

“If you don’t like animals, it’s practically impossible because I only come with animals,” says the singer, stressing that her potential grooms will have to reckon with her two dogs and two cats.

Meet Linita poša five gentlemen who are ready to fight for the heart of the famous country singer. Jānis (31) from Riga, who works in the field of construction, drew a lot of linita from the big crowd of letters by accident.

Valdis (54) from Jēkabpils has lived in Russia for a large part of his life, but has noticed Linita Mediņa for a long time. And meeting the singer face to face is the fulfillment of her dream.

Māris (49) from Kurzeme participated in the season of the previous show “The owner is looking for a wife”, and now he has decided to try his luck and get to know Linita.

Andris (61) from Riga, who works in a bookstore, is a big fan of country music and has decided to come to Linita for a date.

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“A man is able to attract my attention with his brain, with speaking, with gestures. In other words, if he is cool, he serves accordingly, ”says Linita. Intelligence and wisdom must also be inherited from him. “He must also present himself appropriately. He can’t be a slut. “

The four gentlemen are already on their way to Linita, but where is the fifth prince? Watch the show in the next series! Enjoy the show “The hostess is looking for a husband” on TV Go3!


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