LINE Ramadan 2021 comes with refreshments and new features

Jakarta (ANTARA) – LINE Indonesia’s communication service presents one of its annual programs, LINE Ramadan, with the theme “BEST” or “Friends of Kindness”, with a variety of new features to support user activities during the fasting month during the pandemic.

“LINE Indonesia is committed to accompanying its users in Indonesia during the month of Ramadan with our annual program, LINE Ramadan. The theme of ‘BEST’ was taken because we realized that digital trends should be able to provide benefits, especially during this pandemic, “said LINE Indonesia PR & Marketing Lead Trisiska Hapsari, in an online press conference, Thursday.

“LINE Ramadan will present various useful features and activities to deepen worship and remind us of the meanings of goodness that we can share for ourselves and others,” he added.

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Furthermore, Trisiska said LINE invites all users to keep celebrating Ramadan with educational, interactive, and entertaining activities so that the activities of carrying out fasting during the pandemic will still be enjoyable.

Featured regular features that are present on the LINE Ramadan Official Account, such as Daily Quizzes, Prayer Times, Prayer Reminders, Daily Prayers, and Kultum will still be present to accompany users.

LINE Ramadan 2021 Daily Quiz Features. (ANTARA / LINE Indonesia)

In addition, LINE Ramadan 2021 also includes new features such as Best Ramadan Stories and Best Citizen Ngabuburit.

Every year, LINE Ramadan 2021 also comes with new packaging which this time presents a more intuitive and simple design that makes it easier for users to enjoy the various features in it more easily.

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“As one of LINE Indonesia’s flagship programs, every year we strive to provide new packaging that can provide comfort and encourage users to stay on LINE Ramadan,” said Product Manager of LINE Indonesia Syapira.

“With an easier design, we hope that users will get the most out of the experience of using LINE Ramadan, such as the BEST Fortune Quiz which we divided into three. season or ‘Best Ramadan Stories’ which we offer as a service that connects with other platforms in order to expand the reach of users, “he concluded.

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Reporter: Arnidhya Nur Zhafira
Editor: Suryanto

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