Linda Petkov stunned with a new sensual blunder! PHOTOS

The wife of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov – Linda Petkova, made a blunder, showing that she does not know where she is and where exactly was the reception of President Rumen Radev on May 24.

The Canadian attended the reception on Tuesday night and later shared footage of the celebration on Facebook.

However, Petkova confused the National History Museum (NMH), where the reception took place, with the National Museum of Natural History.

The original version of the post of Prime Minister was: “May 24, with very nice people. Happy Holiday”, a minute later she edited it only on “Happy Holiday”.

However, Petkova did not think to edit the place where she left and has been sitting for over 15 hours, saying that she was in the Natural History Museum and not in the NIM.

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