Lina Tejeiro with a soccer player? The actress cleared up the rumors

Lina Tejeiro He has become one of the most recognized Colombian celebrities on social networks for the constant activity he has, in addition to the dynamics he performs to interact with his followers. The young woman has been the center of news for his talent on the screens, his responses to criticism and the love life he has led with some famous faces.

Despite the fact that the artist has spoken about her intimate and personal life at different times, thanks to questions and curiosities from her fans, recently, Tejeiro was the center of opinions for a series of rumors that involved her with a soccer player.

According to what was recorded on Lina’s official Twitter account, by a trill, which has already been deleted, One person referred to a Colombian soccer player and hinted that she knew what he was referring to when he suggested “ask for help”. Tejeiro was not silent and decided to respond to these opinions.

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Tell the Santa Fe player to help you, you know who I’m talking about“Said the user, to which she replied:”You’re good? I don’t know who you’re talking about and I’m not a Santa Fe fan”.

However, the person insisted on this claim, ensuring that several members of the Colombian team already knew what was happening between her and the said soccer player, of which not many details were given.

“Hahahaha quiet, we already know some of the Santa Fe la pod team”, Assured this person.

No, love, I don’t like losers. I shoot high, I don’t get off the Champions League”, The young woman pointed out with her sarcasm style.

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In the middle of the message crossing, another user intervened and He added that if that “high level” person was “F Guarín.”

You don’t know what level is“Said the actress from her personal profile.

This conversation aroused comments among some curious, who took the opportunity to remember that Lina has been constantly traveling to Medellín, so these rumors could be true. Others They praised the sarcasms and defenses that the Colombian uses to face the attacks she receives through these digital platforms.


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