Lina Tejeiro recounted her experience with stalkers and supported a woman who denounced a man who showed her his penis

Lina Tejeiro surprised her Instagram followers by publishing a story where she said that when she was at school a guard showed her his penis, and the same thing happened to her at another time in her life, but it was a taxi driver who committed the harassment on that occasion .

“It also happened to me at some point in my life, a taxi driver showed me his penis, and near the school where I studied, a guard showed me his penis”, said the Colombian actress.

This, due to the complaint made by the Instagram user @algavejo who exposed, through a video, a man who showed him his penis while he was traveling on a public transport bus in Bogotá.

In this video, it is seen how the woman asks for help from the other users, who call the Police. But faced with the indifferent gazes of the passengers, the woman removes the stalker’s mask, in an attempt to discover the man who is hiding inside the bus.

“I do not question what the woman says, because sadly many are telling me that it is a lie, (don’t they see how the zipper goes up?) How can it be seen that they do not know what it is to live with it”Tejeiro added to his comment on the matter.

The video of the woman went viral on April 6 on social networks, so the victim has received messages of support, and in turn has revealed the face of the stalker.

Tejeiro also shared messages from his followers, who also told and denounced that they were victims of the same type of harassment at some point in their lives.

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In a dynamic of questions and answers with her fans, the actress He gave several tips to his followers and revealed that throughout his acting career he has learned not to let fame go to his head.

One of the seven million followers that the actress has on her Instagram asked her if being famous had made her change her way of being or if, on the contrary, she has always been the same. Tejeiro assured that over the years he has learned that being a celebrity “doesn’t make me more than anyone else, and I’ve changed.”

Lina revealed that that’s the influence that fame has had on her, but He confessed that a few years ago it did go to his head. “Those who have known me for several years know that I used to be very annoying“He added that after a while he understood that” if I give love, I will receive love, “that’s why I decided to change.

It should be remembered that Tejeiro is recognized on social networks for responding without mincing words to bad comments or simply for saying what he thinks without caring what they will say, which is why some Internet users consider that the actress is rude to her followers.

In the dynamic, the also model revealed her desire to have a new love and to feel completely in love and loved again. Even though The actress has assured that she enjoys her loneliness a lot, the fact of having a partner is already missing.

“I miss it and not because I’m bored of being alone or I would have already gotten into another relationship, but the boyfriends patch is rich, leaving work and saying let’s see each other, let’s travel”, revealed the actress, adding that she would like to have a person with whom to share good moments like going to the movies or eating after work.

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However, Tejeiro recalled that there are times when people, because they are committed, agree to change their way of being or their essence, just because it seems to their partner, which she experienced. “You begin to stop being what you are by being what the person wants you to be. At some point in my life I stopped being what I was to try to have a stable relationship and to want to please that person, knowing that he met me as an actress, dressing as I dressed and speaking as I spoke, but one begins to fall into the error of wanting to look like that person “, then he added that he would not do it again, because he hopes that someone will love her as she is.


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