Lime scooters are dead. Bolt e-bikes are coming to Prague

Is it smart to start any shared business right now when people tend to protect their space for hygiene? And when Prague is almost without tourists? “Already the first wave of the coronary crisis showed that people used shared scooters and bicycles a lot. Probably also because they did not want to take public transport. We believe that our bikes will find their users, “says Zajíc. There will soon be 600 in the city.

Bolt does not rely on tourists. The service will be based on people who already use its application. It is possible to order a taxi and food delivery through it. Bolt rents electric scooters in Olomouc, Boskovice and, most recently, Pardubice. Prague will be the first with e-bikes. Not only in the republic, but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

The people of Prague cursed at the green and white “limes” because they sometimes rolled where people descended from them. It will not be possible to park with Bolt e-bikes outside the zone at all. Anyone outside the radius of the parking station will not see the end driving icon in the application. And the price will still run. For the first five minutes of the ride, the cyclist pays CZK 5 per minute, followed by four crowns per minute. If he goes to work for half an hour, the ride will cost him 125 crowns.

Two to four users per day should take turns on the bike. “It probably won’t change much. But as part of the Green Plan, we are compensating for all the carbon footprint we produce, ”says Zajíc from Bolt.

The replacement of the battery in the bike will be arranged directly on the street by the company’s service team, which will move around the city in electric and LPG-powered cars. The bike will travel up to 65 km per charge.

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