Lim Young-woong commented on’Mistrot’ Ha Yubi three years ago… What happened?

[매일경제 스타투데이 진향희 기자]

Singer Ha Yoo-bi showed off her fan spirit for Lim Young-woong and boasted a comment three years ago.

On the 13th, Ha Yubi said, “I was bored looking at past posts on SNS.

Along with this, he captured and uploaded the comments left by Lim on his post in 2018. In this post, a picture of spaghetti posted by Yubi Ha contained the traces of Lim Young-woong’s greeting “Happy New Year”.

Ha Yubi said, “Senior Youngwoong Lim. Judge. I like. He said, “I have to put it stuffed,” he said, and was thrilled.

In particular, the time when Lim Young-woong commented was before Ha Yu-bi’s debut, so the relationship between the two was curious and attention was drawn.

Ha Yubi, who officially debuted as’My Life’ in September 2019, boasted an idol-like appearance and dance skills in TV Chosun’Mistrot’, as well as a nationwide tour concert, contributing to the second Trot craze. There is a bar.

Ha Yubi is married to her husband Kim Dong-hyun, a hair designer, and has one son and one daughter. Last year, he appeared on Channel A’s entertainment program’Afflicted Couple’.

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PhotoㅣHayubi SNS

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