Lim Jong-seok, thanks to the nuclear power plant, “Choie Jae-hyung has passed, Jeon Kwang-hoon smells”

Lim Jong-seok, former presidential secretary. yunhap news

On the 14th, former presidential secretary Lim Jong-seok criticized “clear politics,” saying, “After Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol, Choi Jae-hyung, chief of the auditor, is surpassing the degree,” regarding the audit of the government’s post-nuclear policy establishment process. He also said, “I guarantee the term of office to work with confidence, not to look at the power, so I boldly politicize the term with a shield,” he said. “I smell the same from Jeon Kwang-hoon, Yoon Seok-yeol, and Choi Jae-hyung now.”

In an article posted on Facebook that day, Im Jeon said, “(This audit) is that the auditor will determine whether the government’s energy conversion policy is appropriate.” “I said.

He said, “I told you to keep the house well, but I’m trying to take over the home room. When I told you to work with a sense of ownership, I pretend to be the owner.”

Director Lim Jeon also actively explained about the government’s ‘8th power supply and demand plan’, which was the subject of this audit.

He said, “When the Moon Jae-in administration entered the power supply and demand plan, we had to complete the basic plan every two years. In consideration of this, we have been working to reduce coal-fired power and at the same time adjust the over-dense nuclear power plants in a reasonable manner.”

“The result was the early closure of old coal-fired power plants and the cessation of the start of new coal-fired power plants. We also decided to stop the nuclear power plant plan that has not been started.” However, it was decided to stop Shin-Kori Units 5 and 6 by pledge. Because it was in progress, it was attached to public opinion investigation.

In addition, “In the case of Wolseong Unit 1, it was found that there was a problem with the life span extension by a court ruling before the government was launched, and it is necessary to reflect public concerns about safety after the Gyeongju earthquake, so if there is no impact on power supply and demand, it is as early as possible. It was decided to close it,” he added.

“It is a tabletop theory that is far from actual policy operation,” said Im Jeon. “What needs to be audited is the overestimated 7th supply and demand plan, illegal and illegal Wolseong Unit 1 life extension.” .

Reporter Eunbin Kim [email protected]

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