Lily-Rose Depp appears in Miami with a “suspicious” situation … “alcohol, drugs and delusion”! – (Video)

While the two women were in Miami, Marion Cotillard was disappointed with model Lily-Rose Depp. It was an opportunity for Chanel to meet the two women. The latest photos she showed with her friends aroused curiosity about her weird look of her.

crossbar Pink lily And the French star Marion Cotillard

She was supported by two people, including a woman who looked like her brother Jack Depp’s friend. This was reported by the Swedish magazine This week is now The 23-year-old actress and model has heavy alcohol consumption and is also addicted to cannabis.

To support his point, he based the magazine people About what Johnny Depp himself revealed before the London court judges, and it was an important milestone in his war with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, who accused him of teaching his daughter to use drugs . The star had confessed Himself who gave the drug to his daughter. It is a way to educate and protect her children. Although his method is still questionable, Johnny Depp has won the case against his ex-wife.

Lily Rose at a party in Miami

To honor the show signed by Chanel, Marion Cotillard attended alongside Lily-Rose Depp. The latter had decided to wear pink dresses. He chose to wear an oversized polo shirt (XLand picked up a light pink biker. During this little meeting, Lily-Rose Depp was not in her usual form. In fact, she looked either drunk or drugged. The images reveal that the gorgeous 23-year-old doesn’t look good. Depp’s family history with alcohol and drugs is not new. Johnny Depp didn’t hide their addiction.

Lily-Rose Depp has been in a lot of relationships for a few years, including with the French-American actor Timothée Chalamet who left her after accusing her of leaking her photos while traveling on the yacht. She is believed to be having an affair with a Moroccan rapper Yassin Stein, but there is information the couple may have split up. However, Lily Rose did not appear with him in photos for a long time. Lily Rose’s parents did not approve of this relationship, but they quickly reconciled, and it seems the couple broke up after a love affair, but nothing is certain yet.

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