Lillo recovered from Covid: “When I took off the respirator, I danced first”

November 22, 2020 2:07 PM

With a message on social media, the comedian of the duo Lillo & Greg revealed that he was negative and that he had returned home after hospitalization

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“Negative buffer and finally home”, Lillo said in the video message in which he thanked his wife as well as the medical staff who followed him: “I want to thank my wife Tiziana, who has been close to me every minute; my family, him. friends, doctors, nurses and nurses, always ready to give you human comfort among the thousand things they have to do “.

The comedian of the well-known duo Lillo & Greg also sent a message of thanks to the fans for the support and affection received during his hospitalization: “There is a moment in this disease, after the therapies, in which recovery depends above all on strength. Here, in this moment a word of comfort and humanity count more than a drug. And therefore thanks also to all your words of comfort “, he concluded.




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