Liliana Segre: “I was clandestine, I know what it means to be rejected | I have never forgiven”

“For a moment – she said – I saw a gun on the ground, I thought about picking it up. But I didn’t. I realized that I was not like my killer. Since then I have become a free and peaceful woman with whom I have lived until now. I have never forgiven, as I have not forgotten, some things I have never been able to forgive them “. In her moving story, Segre also invited “not to throw away food. One tells you that she didn’t see food for days”.

“In my story there is the pain, the pity for that little girl who was me and who is now that little girl’s grandmother. I know it is difficult seeing a 90-year-old woman to think that she was a little girl. In September 1938 I am become ‘the other’ and there is a whole world around that considers you different. And this thing has always lasted, I am always the other “, he said.

“I know that my friends, when they talk about me, they always say ‘my Jewish friend’. When I became the other one and at 8 I could no longer go to school, I was at the table with my family, and they told me that I couldn’t go to school anymore. I asked why and I remember the looks of those who loved me and had to tell me that I was expelled because I was Jewish. Many of my classmates did not notice that my desk was empty “, she continued.

Conte: “His testimony chases away the ambiguity” “I came here not to talk but to listen to the latest public testimony of Senator Segre. A testimony of such tragic events that it has the function of questioning consciences, of urging us to chase away indifference and even ambiguities, of soliciting us to take clear positions and clear choices. I offer my personal guarantee and that of the entire government that this witness does not end today but will be kept alive “. So Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte speaking to Rondine.

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Mattarella: “No more racism, hatred and intolerance” “On the last occasion in which Liliana Segre directly gives her precious testimony to young people, I would like to give you the text of our Constitution in its original version. The Constitution was written having before our eyes the tragic events that also involved Liliana Segre as a girl and it was approved with the firm determination not to allow the monsters of totalitarianism and anti-Semitism that had ravaged Europe a few years earlier to poison Italy, our continent, the world. No more deprivation of freedom, never more wars of aggression, no more denial of human rights, no more racism, hatred and intolerance “. This is the message of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. “This – he underlined – was the common will of the constituent fathers, it is their merit if our Republic is founded on principles of great value: democracy, freedom, equality, centrality of the human person, peace and justice among nations. entrusted this patrimony for the future “.



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