Lil Kleine with Frank Masmeijer’s daughter in Greece

Charlotte is known for her participation in The voice of Holland in 2016. On the other hand, it was two decades just before Lil Kleine took the purple chair as a mentor. Although Charlotte ended up on the Ali staff, she is now on the Kleine team making the most of her properly-deserved getaway. On her Instagram you can see that the two are celebrating. They are not fully by yourself, as they are accompanied by a team of females.

Moments afterwards, he posts one more online video of them collectively. Below much too the rapper enters the scene with a smile. For quite a few, this is tabloid fodder, as persons suspect the two are owning an affair.

To rapidly quell the rumors, Charlotte decides to make clear. ‘Just to make clear! I have a happy connection, “she captioned a photo of her and her boyfriend. She clarifies that she and Jorik are” just “buddies. ‘No drama desired‘ factors out. He also tells RTL Boulevard in a reply that he does not understand wherever the “hustle and bustle” is coming from. According to Charlotte, this is not essential at all: “We’re below on holiday with a full team of friends, including Jorik.”

While it seems Jorik is continue to one, he has been frequently noticed with many gals currently. Even her ex Jaimie Vaes doesn’t increase weed: she unexpectedly fell in love again. We talked about it with her.

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