Lil ‘Kleine emotional due to the death of grandpa:’ Can’t believe it ‘

“I can’t believe you’re really gone now,” Lil writes in his ode to his over-the-top grandfather. ‘My gut tells me that I should have stopped by more often and spent more time with you. I feel guilty about that. I can no longer apologize or change it because you are no longer with us’. The rapper seizes the moment to rekindle his favorite memories of his grandfather. ‘I look back on that with a big smile and I appreciate it’.

Lil ‘also tells about the time he came to visit with his fiancé Jaimie Vaes. ‘That was a special day,’ he says. “You joked about how handsome you thought my fiancé was and that I had to squeeze my hands with a woman like that.” Lil ‘also recently came by with his son Lío. ‘I find happiness and peace in the fact that you were able to see and hold my son after all. I will never forget that ‘.

During the corona crisis, the rapper has also been concerned about his father. Lil ‘Kleine tells all about it in the video below.


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