Like the Netherlands and Belgium, is Spain also under the spell of ‘ugly fashion’ such as that of AH, Zeeman, Febo, Aldi and Lidl?

MADRID – Call it ugly fashion or festival fashion, pure nonsense or a beautiful advertising opportunity for the shops, also called fanwear. The ‘ugly fashion’ that looks out of place is booming this summer. Actually, that had been the case for a while when Lidl came up with its own clothing line with their well-known logo and in the blue, yellow and white colors. Febo, Zeeman, Aldi and Albert Heijn are now also participating in the Netherlands and Belgium, but what about this trend in Spain? Can you already buy the ugly Mercadona fashion there?

Before you read on… no, there is no Mercadona fashion or clothing line and the chances are slim that there will ever be one officially (another thing is not official like HERE is visible). It is therefore not possible in Spain to buy shirts, polos, caps or slippers with the Mercadona logo, but that is sometimes possible at the Lidl and the Aldi and even at the Carrefour† These stores regularly launch exclusive temporary offers that are often sold out immediately and, believe it or not, are often resold for much more money on the internet.

The ‘ugly fashion’ or ‘moda-fea’ is not yet trending in Spain where they may be a bit too sober for this development. That certainly does not mean that this fashion trend can also spread to Southern Europe, but for now the only ‘ugly fashion’ can be found in the busy seaside resorts where the foreign tourists sometimes look very strange (don’t take it too seriously, huh). .

In the Netherlands and Belgium, however, they are not averse to ugly clothing that goes perfectly with the house suit, such as the bright orange Roy Donders Juichpak from the Jumbo supermarket chain a few years ago or the Spanish slippers or Crocs that are completely trendy again. A few options at a glance:

NEW: Albert Heijn summer outfit

The well-known Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has also introduced a limited edition clothing line this summer. The collection consists of a Hawaii shirt, jog shorts, socks, a sweater and a fisherman’s hat. All items have a retro Albert Heijn logo and are available from 2.99 euros. Be quick though, because it is a limited edition collection that can be purchased from all AH stores and via from 4 July and while stocks last.

Aldi festival collection

Of Aldi supermarket chain has released the Festivaldi’ collection in Belgium. This collection consists of tracksuits, bucket hats, hoodies and T-shirts with Aldi’s signature blue and white striped pattern. The exclusive garments are not for sale in the shops, but can only be obtained through a festivalcampagne from the discounter.

Lidl fanwear

It’s been two years since the Lidl supermarket chain came up with a fanwear collection that was for sale in supermarkets and via the website. That was a mega success and in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Germany, the items quickly sold out. There was a whole hype and the fanwear was resold on the internet for more money. Lidl put the fanwear items on sale again in 2021, but nothing is known about a special edition in 2022.

Zeeman fan collection

‘s shops Zeeman have been selling their own clothing line for years, including slippers, socks, hoodies, T-shirts, sweaters, boxers, shorts and even a Frisbee with the Zeeman logo in different shapes and colors. Some items from the fan collection are only available online, while others can also be found in stores.

Febo snack bar fashion

One of the first brands to come up with their own fanwear clothing line in the Netherlands was Phoebus † Today, this snack bar chain is not only known for its vending machine and the frikandel or croquette from the wall, but also for its very striking fanwear. There are hats, caps, slippers, socks, T-shirts, underpants, towels, house suits, jogging pants, umbrellas and a cool snack bag.

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